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Joe Esposito

Accounting major
President, Student Government Association

Joe EspositoJoe Esposito, a transfer student who attends Lourdes on the Presidential Scholarship, says he chose Lourdes in lieu of other institutions where he might pay less in tuition because of the "unsurpassed focus on the individual person, and the feeling of community that comes standard with your education — these are things I appreciate, having transferred from a larger university. At Lourdes, your tuition goes toward professors who know you by name and advisors that schedule classes alongside you, as opposed to funding lecture halls. There's also the community as a whole, enriched by the Franciscan Tradition, making it warm and welcoming. These things make Lourdes stand out as a special place to get an education."

Currently, Joe serves as a member of Lourdes' baseball team, as Student Government President, and works on campus as an academic tutor, finance department intern, and lead tour guide.

"I've developed great relationships with my classmates, as well as the faculty and staff; relationships I might not have had the opportunity to make if I chose to go somewhere else. I definitely feel like I'm getting my money's worth, and have no problem paying a little bit more to support the parts of Lourdes that I really value."

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