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Josh Tyburski

'03, BS, Adolescence to Young Adult Education
Principal, Whiteford Elementary School, Sylvania, Ohio

Josh TyburskiAn educator for nearly 15 years, Josh says he chose his profession a little later in life. "I had attended another college on and off after high school and just truly never found myself aspiring to do anything in particular," offers Josh. "My days consisted of volunteering and coaching at a local high school. I really enjoyed working with kids and decided to become an educator." He took the advice of his friend and attended Lourdes and said he "knew from the minute I walked on campus that I was in the correct place."

Josh committed himself completely to achieving his goal. He completed his degree in less than 4 years and is thankful to many Lourdes educators.

His career path first took him and his wife, a hospice nurse, to the Florida Gulf Coast where he taught biology for 1 year at a nearby high school. However, they decided to return to northwest Ohio to be closer to family. Back in the Toledo area, Josh taught biology at Waite High School for 1 year, and for 3 years at Northview High School before becoming Assistant Principal at Arbor Hills Junior High. He held that position for 3 years before accepting his current role.

One of the best roles Josh has as an educator is being able to work with students. "It's wonderful to see them grow their skills and knowledge from the time they begin school in September to when they leave in June. They really are information sponges and their capabilities never cease to amaze me. In addition, they are all completely tech-savvy and ready to learn."

"Education as a whole never stops evolving and it's challenging," cautions Josh. "Educators are more accountable today and need to set high expectations of themselves and their students."

For those pursuing their education degree, Josh recommends "never lose focus on your reason for becoming an educator. You are here for the children. Make sure you and all educators do what's right for the kids." When he is hiring a new employee, Josh looks for someone who has a good disposition, has the necessary skill set and who possesses formative assessment knowledge with special education.

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