Successful Alumni and Students

Karl Evanoff

'11, BA, Biology
Currently pursuing his DDS

Karl EvanoffCurrently in his third year of dental school at the University of Michigan, Karl says the next few years will see him shadowing dentists and embarking on his career as a DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery. "My education at Lourdes prepared me well for graduate school," notes Karl. He especially is grateful to Dr. Anjali Gray, Dr. Judi Nath, Sr. Barbara Stallman, and Professor Jim Chamberlain. "I transferred to Lourdes and majored in Biology. The coursework, hands-on experience, and knowledge they imparted have been immeasurable."

Over the past few years, Karl has volunteered in various dentists' offices, and dental clinics. "When I began my education, I never thought of myself as a hard worker, but that's exactly what it's taken."

To Lourdes students who wish to follow his path, he offers the following advice: "Use all of Lourdes' resources – tutoring, the academic support center, and more. Get involved in student life as well. Finally – volunteer and intern as often as you can. Stuff your resume with these experiences. It will serve you well when applying for graduate school and getting your career started."

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