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Kimberly Scribner

'12, BA, Middle Childhood Education
4th Grade Math Teacher, Winterfield Venture Academy, Toledo, Ohio

Kimberly ScribnerKimberly Scribner is living her childhood dream. "From the time I was just 3 years old, I wanted to teach. I remember teaching ABC's to my stuffed animals! My mom bought a School Years Book and saved everything about my school years, including kindergarten. I still have that book today."


The road to becoming an educator was hampered by life's necessities. After graduating from high school, Kimberly worked full-time at Verizon and soon thereafter; began pursuing her degree part-time. After several years of following this schedule, she faced being laid off in 2010. Coping with the reality that she had no immediate job, she followed some good advice and decided to pursue her career goal.

When it came time to fulfilling her student teaching requirement, Kimberly was placed at Winterfield Venture Academy and absolutely loved it. "I set my sights on securing a job after graduation. It was my springboard to employment." Her tactics included sending her lessons to the teacher and principal for review, and inviting other teachers and the principal in to her class to evaluate her teaching skills "each and every week."

Her enthusiasm, dedication and passion paid off. Upon graduation from Lourdes and successfully completing the Ohio Achievement Assessment, Kimberly was offered the position of 4th grade math teacher at the charter school. In this role, she teaches 3 periods with approximately 26 students per class.

Kimberly enjoys teaching in an urban charter school. "The students come from various backgrounds, many of them from poverty. As educators, we need to believe and see the abilities they have and help them realize it and achieve success."

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