Successful Alumni and Students

Melody Curtis

'07, M.Ed., Teaching & Curriculum; '05, BA, Early Childhood Education
President, Sandusky Central Catholic Schools

Melody Curtis"For me, a liberal arts education was about identifying a mission for myself, knowing where I fit, and realizing that I have a purpose for which God made me," expresses Melody. She found her mission and purpose within the Catholic education system, where she has served as a teacher, principal, executive director of three elementary campuses, and currently as President of the Sandusky Central Catholic Schools (SCCS); a Catholic school system serving preschool through high school.

Of her support and enthusiasm for Catholic education, she shares, "I attended Catholic elementary school in East Toledo, and my children also attended Catholic elementary and high schools. It's a tremendous legacy that we've inherited, along with inheriting the responsibility to preserve it, following living saints who built and nurtured Catholic schools for so many years with great sacrifice and dedication."

She attributes much of her success today to the Catholic liberal arts education she gained as a student at Lourdes.

"I appreciate the breadth of knowledge and the depth of cognitive skill that my undergraduate and graduate courses offered. Being a Lourdes student prepared me not only for the field of education, but for any professional field, because I learned to think, to ask the right questions, to gather information, to make informed decisions, to see connections among disparate areas of knowledge, and to discern pertinent information."

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