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Michelle Perkins

'11, BA, Social Work
CPST Liaison, Licensed - Hospital Liaison at Harbor in Adult Clinical Services

Michelle PerkinsMichelle regularly engages individuals who are currently hospitalized for psychiatric issues that need linked with community mental health care services. While in the hospital, Michelle often meets with individuals to complete their diagnostic assessment, develops their treatment plan, coordinates care with hospital staff and schedules discharge appointments. Upon discharge, clients work with either Michelle or another member of the Bridges to Recovery team for approximately 45-60 days. Her team provides intensive CPST services to assist individuals in re-acclimating to the community, access community resources, obtain necessary providers and attend appointments. Once individuals are engaged in services, they then receive a "warm hand off" and are transitioned to either regular CPST services, or the Health Home Team based on each individual's need.

"I enjoy working with the Adult Severe Persistently Mentally III (SPMI) population. There is a stigma surrounding individuals with SPMI diagnoses. My goal is to assist them in achieving as much independence as possible so they are able to lead normal, productive lives as members of the community."

Michelle encourages social workers to be stellar in their communications, and crisis management skills. "Our clients our counting on us to lead the way in developing coping skills so they can continue to function in a setting, identify patterns of crisis, and obtain health care providers to help improve their physical care. In addition to absorbing all that the wise Lourdes social work faculty including Jim Wares, Michelle advises students "to use common sense, be empathetic, and separate yourself from your work at the end of the day. This profession can be physically and mentally draining. It can be extremely challenging. However, when you make the slightest bit of difference in someone's life, it's totally worth it."

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