Recommended Course Work

Lourdes admits candidates who demonstrate potential for success in rigorous academic work. Qualified applicants are admitted regardless of gender, race, color, age, veteran status, ethnic origin or physical ability. The credentials of each applicant are individually evaluated, with consideration given to academic record and evidence of motivation of collegiate studies. Lourdes reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant. Please read this page carefully before submitting your application.

Programs at Lourdes require solid academic preparation in high school. As an applicant, your high school transcript should show you have completed at least 17 academic units. The following distribution of courses is highly recommended:

English 4 units
Social Studies 3 units
Mathematics 3 units
Science 3 units
Foreign Language 2 units in the same language
Fine and/or Performing Arts 1 unit
Physical Education/Health 1 unit

Each student is strongly encouraged to complete the following: algebra, geometry, biology with lab, chemistry with lab, experience in writing a research paper, and evidence of computer literacy.