Alumni Association

What is Lourdes for Life?

Lourdes for Life is an initiative established to encourage students to develop a lifelong relationship with Lourdes by educating the student body about Lourdes' history and tradition and the benefits of remaining connected to the institution beyond graduation.

Through this initiative, students have an opportunity to learn about Lourdes institutional strengths and challenges, support areas of growth opportunities and interact with alumni within the institution which will benefit future generations of students.

What's Happening

Penny Wars, March 2–6
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The programming is designed to:

  • Teach students about Lourdes history and traditions
  • Foster tradition and pride
  • Create opportunities for direct student alumni contact
  • Educate students about Lourdes institutional strengths and challenges
  • Prepare students for their roles as alumni
  • Keep young alumni engaged after graduation
  • Establish philanthropic support of Lourdes


Programs are delivered with the support of the President's Office by Development and Alumni Relations staff together with students, Lourdes faculty and staff, and alumni.

Core Messages

The core messages of Lourdes for Life are:

  • Establishing a lifelong relationship with Lourdes
  • Supporting Lourdes with time, talent and financial resources in the future
  • Learning and maintaining Lourdes’ student traditions
  • Understanding the financing of education at Lourdes
  • Maintaining the value of your Lourdes degree
  • Preserving the Lourdes experience for future students
  • Helping Lourdes meet its challenges as an institution
  • Learning the history of Lourdes
  • Sustaining Lourdes’ excellence


Mike George
Director of Development and Annual Fund