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Internships are an integral part of a business degree at Lourdes University. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, we offer our students a wide array of opportunities in every business aspect. When students graduate from the College of Business and Leadership, they will not only have their degree, but also valuable work experience for their resume as a new graduate -- setting them ahead of peers who did not participate in an internship. 

Obtaining a business internship: Timeline

  1. Sign up for College Central
  2. Review and complete planning document

Business Internship FAQ

Why should I do an internship?

Internships integrate textbook knowledge with “real world” experiences. Previous and present courses taken by the student will be examined and incorporated in this course depending on the actual work duties being performed by the student. Business 340 is designed to be a unique learning experience for each student.

When am I eligible to register for an internship?

Any student is eligible once they have received a grade of “C” or better in BUS101 – Business Principles. We strongly recommend having attained Junior status and having completed at least two Major core courses.

Are internships unpaid or paid?

The hiring organization determined if an internship will be paid or unpaid. Students can earn compensation as well as academic credit while participating in an internship.

What are the expectations and requirements of Business 340: Business Internship?

Students must work a minimum of 125 hours at the location of their internship and keep a written journal reflecting on their experiences. Additionally, a final paper must be submitted along with a presentation sharing the different experiences during the internship.

How do I locate an internship opportunity?

There are two ways to locate an internship. The main route is to visit the College of Business and Leadership Website and follow the link to College Central, where all opportunities are posted as they are received. The secondary route is to seek out a new opportunity directly with a prospective employer, with final approval being granted by the Internship Coordinator.

I feel that I have the professional qualifications to waive the internship requirement. What is needed to waive the requirement?

To waive the internship requirement, students must be currently employed within their chosen industry/sector full time for at least five years. For at least three of those years, they must be active in leadership, managerial, or administration in a decision-making capacity in one or more of the following areas: accounting, finance, health care administration, human resources management, management, or marketing. Their employment must rely on skills and knowledge from the student’s selected undergraduate program of study. The waiver form can be obtained from the Internship Coordinator after first setting an appointment to discuss the process.


Robert Arquette, J.D., M.B.A.
Internship Coordinator
Phone: 419-517-7664

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