Career Services - Beginning a Job Search

4-Year Development Plan:
Junior Year

Reality Test Your Choices

Academic Planning

  • Continue to consult with your faculty and/or academic advisor to select courses that are applicable to your career goals and required to fulfill specific degree requirements
  • Begin taking advanced courses in your academic major or specialization
  • Use research assignments, group projects, and field experiences to expand your knowledge of the field and your professional skills
  • Select elective courses that will broaden your general knowledge and strengthen your qualifications
  • Obtain at least three strong references from your professors and/or supervisors who know your work and/or scholarly abilities
  • Maintain excellence in your academic work

Campus and Community Involvement

  • Assume leadership roles and contribute your talents to an organization by serving as an officer, chairing a committee, and/or organizing a major project or event

Career and Life Development

  • Create a profile on LinkedIn, a strictly professional social media site
  • Ensure your other social media profiles are clean
  • Continue testing, evaluating and confirming your occupational decisions. Use campus/community activities and career-related experiences to sharpen your professional skills and determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Become familiar with Career Services web site, educational programs, publications and job search services
  • Make an appointment with a Career Services staff member to tailor your internship search plan
  • If you are considering graduate school, consult your faculty advisor to discuss the feasibility of your admission
  • Research institutions that offer programs of interest and request application materials
  • Take appropriate entrance exams (e.g., GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT) and submit your applications and required documents by the published deadlines
  • Have your resume and cover letter critiqued by a member of the Career Services staff
  • Update your resume and College Central profile. Apply for internships and career-related summer and part-time positions
  • Practice your interviewing skills and increase your self-confidence by attending an interview simulation or mock interview with Career Services
  • Begin to build your professional wardrobe
  • Continue to attend any and all job fairs, job search workshops, career panels and employer information sessions
  • Create or expand your professional network by contacting Lourdes alumni, using professional association membership lists and asking family members, friends, advisors and professors about their contacts


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