Career Services - Beginning a Job Search

4-Year Development Plan:
Senior Year

Career Implementation

Academic Planning

  • Meet with your faculty and/or academic advisor at the beginning of your senior year to make sure you are on track to fulfill all academic requirements for graduation
  • Make choices during your final year (regarding courses, activities and experiences) to enhance your understanding of the field and strengthen your marketability

Campus and Community Involvement

  • Continue to serve in leadership roles in campus and community organizations related to your career field

Career and Life Development

  • Make an appointment with a member of the Career Services staff to discuss your career goals and create a job search plan
  • Strengthen your job search skills by attending workshops offered by Career Services
  • Learn strategies "to work a job fair" and write your "30-second commercial" to introduce yourself to recruiters
  • Become familiar with Career Services website, educational programs, publications and job search services
  • Have your resume and cover letter critiqued by a member of the Career Services staff
  • Update your resume and College Central profile
  • Practice your interviewing skills and increase your self-confidence by attending an interview simulation or mock interview with Career Services
  • Update your professional portfolio with artifacts and examples of your accomplishments from student teaching, internships, part-time and summer jobs, class projects, community and campus involvement and academic endeavors
  • Attend all job fairs and recruiting events offered by Career Services, school districts, chambers of commerce, and student groups to meet recruiters and schedule interviews.
  • Continue to expand your professional network
  • Devise a system for tracking the status of your applications
  • Tailor your cover letter stating clearly why you are interested in working for the organization, submit your resume and complete an employment application, if required
  • Follow-up with employers to request a job interview. After each interview, send a thank you letter or email expressing your appreciation for the recruiter's time and reiterating your interest in the organization
  • Continue to interview until you receive job offers. Evaluate your offers and accept one. Report any job offers and acceptances to Career Services and your academic department
  • Complete pre-employment requirements (e.g., criminal history checks, professional exams)
  • Celebrate! You did it!


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