Parking and Shuttle


Registration and Parking Tags

Every student or employee who operates or expects to operate one or more motor vehicles on Lourdes University property must register the vehicle(s) at the Welcome Center, Russell J. Ebeid Hall (formerly McAlear Hall,) and obtain a parking tag. Parking tags are available at no charge. A student may be issued more than one parking tag for additional registered vehicles, which may be brought to campus. The parking tag must be clearly displayed by hanging it on the rearview mirror.


Parking is prohibited in the fire lanes, driveways, ramps, sidewalks and lawn areas. Students are prohibited from parking in Designated Visitor Parking areas, the circle in front of Umbria Hall near the Duns Scotus Library and Handicap Parking spaces without a visible disability parking permit registered to the person driving the vehicle.

When individual parking spaces are designated and marked on the parking surface, the vehicle must be parked entirely within the individual parking space.

Parking Violations and Fines

Specific Violations

Failure to register/display permit $20
Student vehicle in visitor area $20
Improper parking in lined areas $20
Parked/driving on sidewalk $20
Parked on crosswalk/curb cut $20
Reserved space without proper permit $20
Parked in roadway $20
Removal of ticket from other than own vehicle $20
Display of unauthorized, counterfeit or fraudulent permit $20
Other improper parking $20
Parking in fire lane $20
No parking/tow away zone $20
Handicapped space $250

Handicap violation may be enforced by Sylvania Police Department


Payment of Fines

  1. Fines are to be paid in Lourdes University Bursar’s Office within 7 working days after the notice of violation.
  2. Failure to pay fines will result in a hold placed on grades and transcripts.
  3. Other disciplinary action may be taken.



  1. Those wishing to appeal a fine may do so in writing within five working days after the notice of the violation. The appeal should be submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. If the appeal is denied, payment of the fine is to be made within seven working days of the notice denial.
  2. A student may be permitted to file an appeal after the period specified above with the permission of the Vice President for Finance and Administration and provided good cause is shown that an opportunity to appeal within the prescribed time was not feasible.



Driving Map
Parking Map 

Student parking is permitted in lots: A (after 5 p.m.), B,C,D,E,G,H,J,L,M,P,Q