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Student Organizations - Funding Request

Funding Request

Budget Committee for Student Organizations (BCSO)

Rules and Regulations for Supplemental Funding

  1. To be eligible for funds, student organizations must have current roster on file with the Student Activities Office.
  2. Student organization applications can be found on the Student Organizations section of the Lourdes homepage. Applications may be submitted electronically to or dropped off to Beth Radecki.
  3. A representative from the organization must attend the next BCSO meeting to answer any questions regarding the application. Advisors are also encouraged to attend.
  4. The BCSO will make a decision within 7 days after the aforementioned meeting. All organizations will be notified of the BCSO’s decision via the organization's e-mail address.
    • For approved requests:
      1. Funds will be transferred to the organization’s account within 72 business hours. (Note: these funds are NOT transferrable to any other account or organization.)
      2. Copies of all receipts are required to be returned to the SGA Treasurer within one week of the completion of your event. ANY UNUSED FUNDS MUST ALSO BE RETURNED AT THIS TIME.
    • For denied requests:
      1. Each organization has the right to appeal the Board’s decision. The appeal must be in writing and submitted to the BCSO within 30 days of the original denial. The appeal will be reviewed by Beth Radecki.

Please Note: This funding is meant to assist student organizations with hosting events, sponsoring special programs, or offering other activities that benefit members of the organization and the student body as a whole. It is not intended to cover expenses of the organizations routine activities. All organizations are encouraged to pursue other means of fundraising to cover these expenses.

For more information about supplemental funding, please contact

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