This organization is currently inactive, please email the Office of Student Activities or SGA if interested in reinstating.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Allies (GLBTA) Student Organization


To support the inclusive identity of the Lourdes community, it is important to acknowledge that there is a GLBTA population on campus. In such a diverse community, it is imperative to respect all individuals’ beliefs, regardless of sexual orientation. We want to provide a venue for men and women to search for answers to their questions regarding sexuality while they “engage in an honest and dynamic search for the truth.” We want all current and potential students, faculty, and staff to know that regardless of their sexual orientation, they are welcome in Lourdes' “caring, supportive, faith community.”

We want to provide an opportunity for homosexuals and heterosexuals to educate themselves through intellectual discovery on sexual orientation in a safe environment.

We want to educate men and women about the various stereotypes that revolve around GLBTA’s.

We would like to expand the “caring, supportive, faith community” of Lourdes by eliminating any hateful, prejudicial, or discriminating beliefs, attitudes, or actions held against any individual based upon his or her sexual orientation or personal beliefs about sexual orientation.  Activities and programs sponsored by Prism will reflect our Franciscan spirit and values, respect the mission of Lourdes, and adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding sexuality.


Student Government Association
Ebeid Student Center
Phone: 419-824-3943

SGA Advisors
Ked Desamour
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Dr. Adam Hodge
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