Social Work
Students In Action

Social Work Students In Action

The primary purposes of Social Work Students in Action (SWSA) are to engage and support students at Lourdes University who are interested in the profession of Social Work and to provide opportunities to serve the campus and the community that are consistent with the mission of the Social Work profession.

In order to accomplish its primary purposes, SWSA goals include:

  • Maintaining communication between SWSA and the Social Work Department faculty and staff and the community of service
  • Sponsoring special events, field trips and/or speakers that will enhance the experience of students interested in social work-related topics
  • Providing peer mentoring to students with interests in majoring in social work
  • Publicizing campus or community events of interest related to social work to all students
  • Participating in campus and community programs and opportunities that support the ideals and purpose of the social work profession; and
  • Initiating or participating in other activities that enhance the students' education and support the Social Work Department's mission

Officers, 2014-2015

Danny Koester, President
Mike Jaso, Vice President
Haley Steiner, Recorder
Laura Demange, Treasurer


Joyce Litten
Phone: 419-824-3708


Student Government Association
Ebeid Student Center
Phone: 419-824-3943

SGA Advisors
Ked Desamour
Phone: 419-517-8992

Dr. Adam Hodge
Phone: 419-824-3676