Social Science Club

Social Science Club

Social Science Club logoPurpose

  • Educational and Further Development: To promote and supplement the Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology programs through seminars, workshops, public speakers, and field experience
  • Fundraising: To raise funds for the undertakings of the club’s expenses by sponsoring students to attend conferences and help pay for public speakers
  • Social: To promote and develop cohesiveness outside the academic setting
  • Charitable: To volunteer our time to community service at organizations such as Family Connections


  • Membership is open to any Lourdes student
  • Active members are those who attend a minimum of two meetings a semester and agree to participate in one activity a semester
  • There will be no discrimination because of race, creed, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, handicap, or marital status

Interested in Becoming an Officer?

  • Only active members are eligible for office within the organization
  • The terms of office for all elected officials is two consecutive semesters beginning on Commencement Day and ending on Commencement Day of the following year
  • Must be in good academic standing


Luke Grable, President
Kathryn Olson, Vice President
Kristin Sullivan, Secretary
Carolyn Bunch, Personal Resource
Jenna Jennawine, Treasurer


Carolyn McCartney
Larry Godfrey


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