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Balance Pan-Asian Grille: Keeping It Local, Fast and Healthy

Our goal is to serve fast fresh food that you know what you're eating. It should be something that is simple. We are not trying to create mystery food, or food that is some weird amalgamation that tastes really good.

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Sustainability at Lourdes: How Can You Get Involved?

Events and projects on Lourdes campus and in the Toledo/Lucas County area, such as the Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund, Earth Day celebrations, the Village Wellness Fair, and the Toledo Lucas County Sustainability Commission are working to create a better environment for all residents and students in the area.

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A Community in Sorrow: Saying Good-Bye to Our Beloved Franciscan Academy

Many in the Sylvania community were outraged upon hearing that the Franciscan Academy of Lourdes University will be closing at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. After decades of providing a prestigious private education, the outrage is understandable.

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