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Technology and Poverty: Bridging the Digital Divide

In today’s fast moving, ever growing world of technology, access to information and opportunity is practically instantaneous, and easier than ever. For many, it creates a world of opportunity that in the past was considered limited to the privileged upper echelons of society.

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The power of the individual: Dissecting the American Dream to reveal its multifaceted definition

Fill in the blanks: "If I have a job as a _____, then I can make a lot of____ and therefore I will be ____." The common and generalized idea of the American is to attend college, (graduate of course), and then work a high-paying job. After establishing oneself in the workplace, marrying and producing children is the logical progression written by the standards of society.

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Hunger in education

"Don't you ever eat breakfast?" I asked my high school-aged brother as I was taking him to school one morning. "Nah," he replied, as do the majority of students today. In our hardworking society where parents are working long hours, rushing off to work in the morning, or even in severe cases, are simply not around, ensuring students get a hearty breakfast before school has been placed on the backburner. Even as adults, our bad habits have carried over into many of us failing to nourish our bodies first thing before work in the morning.

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