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The Intertwining Body

Time to wake up. It’s 2014 and the buzz about technology is spreading like wildfire. Before jumping on the pro-technology bandwagon, it might be useful to consider various perspectives on the advancement of this powerful force that is rapidly progressing.  The word ‘technology’ has permeated into many different areas in society, such as the medical field and the business circle. However, the merging of the body and technology today seems to have taken a strange turn of direction.

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Dollar Signs for Data

Recently, compromising photos of famous celebrities were hacked and leaked in the so called “Celebgate.”  Some of the victims included Jennifer Lawrence Kate Upton, and other well known personages. Security breaches in Apple’s iCloud software allowed their personal information to be hacked. This is a blatant violation of private information, and is completely disrespectful to the celebrities who were victimized. The hacker, who remains unknown, was selling these photos on various message boards for the digital currency Bitcoin, which is virtually untraceable through Tor software.

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Technology and Poverty: Bridging the Digital Divide

In today’s fast moving, ever growing world of technology, access to information and opportunity is practically instantaneous, and easier than ever. For many, it creates a world of opportunity that in the past was considered limited to the privileged upper echelons of society.

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Tricky Technologies and Brazilian Bugs

Technology in the classroom can be a tricky thing. Some mornings when I walk into my classroom, the internet is down. Other mornings, a student’s laptop won’t start. On yet another morning, a student has a cracked screen from attempting to juggle his laptop at lunch.  Yes, having an entirely paperless classroom can be a tricky, frustrating, and a downright comical thing. But I wouldn’t trade what we are able to do in the classroom with technology for just about anything.

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Manufacturing the Sound of Music

By exploring the history of music composition we can discover the affects technology has had on current production methods. Technology has also affected consumer access through which the way music is purchased. Social media has changed the way artists network, market and promote their music, and in most cases, artists actually promote themselves in today’s market.

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Her: A Spike Jonze Love Story

Alright, I have to admit it. When I first saw previews for the Spike Jonze film, "Her," I immediately thought it was going to highlight the very raw and realistic depiction of what society is slowly becoming: physically and emotionally dependent on our technology to the point of forming intimate connections with it. 

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