8th WAVE Festival

Performance Schedule

The performance schedule for the 8th Annual W.A.V.E. Festival is in the process of being finalized.


The line-up from the 7th Annual W.A.V.E. Festival is listed below.

11:45am - 12:15pm         Someone’s Daughter

A local band that entertains audiences of all ages.  Singing mostly original songs, the band engages their listeners with thought provoking songs about everyday life.  They’ve been playing around northwest Ohio for about 3 ½ years in a variety of venues.  With Lisa on the guitar and vocals, Suzanne on the piano, Deb on the drums and Merri on vocals and percussion, they are delighted to be back for the 7th Annual WAVE Festival

12:30pm - 1:00pm           Up for Interpretation

An acoustic, soft-rock band made up of identical twins Anna and Chloe Wagenhauser. Singing from a young age, Anna and Chloe bond on another level through their love of music and preforming. With Anna on piano, and Chloe on guitar, they bring a melodic, harmonious sound to a variety of musical genres. As Juniors at St. Ursula Academy, Anna and Chloe have performed at their church and school, in St. Francis de Sales musical, and at St. Johns Battle of the Bands. They hope to continue playing locally throughout the rest of high school, bringing joy to as many people as possible!

1:15pm - 2:15pm             Bliss

BLISS is a quartet of women who have "stepped outside the box" in the NW Ohio music scene. With extraordinary blend of striking harmonies and self accompaniment of violin, two acoustic guitars, keyboard, bass & various light percussion instruments, they offer the audience an audible delight that is refreshingly unique. Their set list is also a treat to the weary listener of the "usual", as they have incorporated songs from all genres and transformed them into their own noteworthy style.

2:30pm - 3:00pm             Aegela

Aegela Dance Company is from Toledo Ohio. These exuberant and talented women often come together for performances at Arab weddings, various arts festivals, and community benefits. They are a collection of diverse dance experience and personal achievements sharing a common love of Middle Eastern dance. Their repertoire features the dances of Egypt, North Africa, Greece, Turkey and Andalusia.