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Lourdes College Online Narrative History Journal

Volume X (Summer 2011)




The Best Narratives Written by Students

In HST 430: Historiography

Lourdes College

Spring 2011


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In the Shadow of a Heretic:

The Story of the Power Hungry King Akehnaten

in a Time Known as the Armana Interlude

By Jeff Jackson






The Rise and Fall of America�s Black Wall Street:

The Story of African American Entrepreneurship

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1836 to 1921

By Alicia Murphy






En la Defensa de Neustro Vecino:

Eisenhower, �rbenz and the 1954 Overthrow

of the Guatemalan Government

By Aaron Albright




Friends at Last:

How Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass

Influenced Each Other’s Political Ideas

By Ryan Machoukas



No Victory in Vietnam:

Global Consequences of the 1954 Geneva Conference

By Nathan Kuehnl



The Manliness of Andrew Jackson:

An Examination of His Soft, Loving Touch

and His Hard Hand of Fury

By Rob Newbold




Ulysses S. Grant:  

The Power Struggle between a Great

Commander in Chief and an Almost Invisible Army

By Jacqueline Lagueux



The Long Haul West:

Life on the Oregon Trail

By Matt Arehart




A Studio in Uniform:

Warner Brothers’ Support

for World War II

By Katie Crosby





The People’s Utopia:

The Dreams and Realities

of Post-Revolutionary Russia

By Erin Lottier








“But What Are Politics if Not Women?”

How Women at the Congress of Vienna

Influenced and Inspired Policy

By Katie LaPlant





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