Join us for a lunch of soup, sandwiches, and dessert followed by a presentation and lively discussion. Fridays, 11:15 am – 12:45 pm in the Franciscan Center Board Room. Reservations are requested at least one week prior.

Once is not enough: Recycling

Sept. 17

Confused about what goes in the recycling container? Want to learn ways to improve your recycling habits? Adam Cassi, Executive Director of Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful, will share tips on how to improve your recycling habits. In addition, we will cover how to overcome current recycling challenges, such as contamination and the issues surrounding the recycling of plastics. Recycling is just one tool that individuals can use to reduce their impact on our world. Reducing, reusing, and composting are others. So, let’s touch bases on these hot topics as well.


Genealogy: Chase Your Tale

October 15

The Local History and Genealogy Department of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has many resources for exploring your family tree, from basic information on how to get started to more detailed records. This talk will give you just a taste of the information available in the Department, both in book and magazine form and records online and in microform format. Whether you are just starting or are more advanced hopefully you will learn something new during this presentation.

Jill Gregg Clever has been with the Library for 26 years, 10 of them as Manager of Local History and Genealogy. She still feels she has a lot to learn on the subject but enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone who us interested in the subject.


Human Trafficking 101                         Nov. 19

This presentation will provide a basic overview of human trafficking, focusing on both domestic and foreign trafficking as well as labor and sex trafficking. Topics will include the definition of human trafficking, how traffickers recruit, indicators for victim identification, the use of social media, and how individuals can make a difference in helping to combat and end human trafficking, with discussion of what this means to Toledo and surrounding communities. Speaker Chuck Campbell is Education Co-chair for the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition.