Fr. Bacik Lecture

5:30 PM, Tuesday, May 24

Fr. Jim Bacik will lecture on “Maintaining our Democracy: Current Threats and Responsible Responses.” The presentation will be in the Franciscan Center theater. No reservations are necessary. General admission is $10 (cash or check only) payable at the door.


Author Nic Stone

7:00 PM, Friday, August 19

Franciscan Center Theater

Join Lourdes University faculty and first year students at a talk by Nic Stone, author of Dear Martin. This debut novel boldly tackles American race relations. This event is free and no reservations are necessary.

180th Fighter Wing Base Tour

10:00 – 1:00 PM, Tuesday, June 14

Reservations required by June 3

Have you heard fighter jets overhead? Most likely they are from the 180th Fighter Wing (180FW) of the Ohio National Guard. This is your opportunity to see the base from the inside, view an F-16 jet up close and learn about the flight equipment needed to fly one.

Situated on 135 acres at the Toledo Express Airport, the 180FW base and infrastructure have been designed and constructed to support the current and future fighter aircraft needed for America’s security and defense. The 180FW is made up of more than 1,200 combat-ready Airmen who flew more than 2,600 sorties, including nearly 950 combat flying hours, in 2021. Honored with the U.S. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the fifth consecutive year in a row, the 180FW is responsible for homeland defense, disaster relief, international deployments, as well as responding to local emergencies in surrounding communities. Learn about the wing and its mission, as well as facts about the Ohio Air National Guard and how they serve the community.

After learning about a variety of flight equipment, there will be a tour of a hangar and the 9/11 memorial. We will then enjoy a catered lunch and finish with the dramatic take off, or landing, of a F-16 jet. Please note there will be a lot of standing. Transportation to the base is not provided; please arrange your own transportation. U.S. Citizens will be required to provide a driver’s license or state ID. Foreign nationals are required to bring a passport or visa number.

A catered seated lunch is included with large sandwiches, lemonade, ice tea, potato chips, condiments, and fresh pecan chocolate chip cookies. Choose from four lunch options:

  • Smoked ham with sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato
  • Roasted medium rare roast beef with sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato
  • Made-from-scratch tuna salad topped with lettuce and tomato
  • A large deli sandwich full of veggies


World War II Stolen & Looted Art at the Toledo Museum of Art

Albert Geha

11:00 – 12:30 PM, Wednesday, July 6

World War II was a fascinating period in world history which continues to influence the present state of affairs of today. This class will focus on works at the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) that were stolen or looted during the war. Wholesale looting, particularly in the world of art, took place in many countries and was part of deliberate strategies. This looting and outright thievery was perpetrated by not only the Axis but also, to some extent, the Allied nations.

This class includes a lecture followed by a guided tour of the galleries of the TMA. After the tour, continue the conversation over lunch at the TMA’s Café (cost of lunch not included). Transportation to TMA is not provided; please arrange your own transportation.

Albert Geha, Ed. S., has developed his love of art through his work as a docent at the Toledo Museum of Art. He also has teaching experience from working in Washington Local Schools for 11 years after earning his Education Specialist degree from the University of Toledo.


Reed Steele, Seriously Silly

Reed K. Steele is a cross between Red Skelton, Dick Van Dyke and Danny Kaye. As a master of physical comedy, mime, stand-up, and improvisation, Reed combines comedy, music, mime, magic, stunts, sign language, and audience participation to make a memorable comedy variety family fun event that will capture an audience of any age.

As an actor, mime, stuntman, comedian, clown, puppeteer, magician, and director, Reed has performed literally thousands of times on stage, television, and film from Los Angeles to New York. He was the recipient of the 1990 “Hollywood USO Entertainer of the Year” award, working with Bob Hope, Buddy Ebsen, Lee Greenwood and many others. Reed also created sound effects for films, television, and cartoons, working with Mel Blanc, Paul Winchell, and Bruce Willis. He also worked with the puppetry of Jim Henson’s Muppets and performs professionally with his production company, Saturn V Productions, throughout the country as time permits. A delicious hot buffet luncheon is included, so please lunch and laugh with us as we celebrate the end of the school year!

11:15 am -12:45 PM, Friday, May 20, in the Lourdes University Franciscan Center. Price includes buffet lunch and entertainment.



Please Note: Please bring face masks on trips as they may be required indoors. Also, if you have special dietary considerations (vegetarian, for example), you must notify Lifelong Learning when you register for a trip.


Sherlock Holmes at the Purple Rose (SOLD OUT)

Small town charm is abundant in historic Chelsea, Michigan. Starting at the Chelsea Historic Society, a tour guide will share the stories of this close-knit community. This will be a walking tour through the picturesque town unless the weather compels us to drive.

Lunch will be at the Valiant Bar & Grill in Chelsea. Choose from a limited menu that includes homemade lasagna al forno, a Mediterranean salad topped with chicken kabobs with a lemon mustard sauce, and hearty fried cod served with steak fries. Opened in December 2018, this welcoming restaurant is the perfect spot to visit with friends old and new.

After lunch, enjoy the world premiere of “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine” at the Purple Rose Theatre. The magic of live theater will transport you to London in 1905. England and the world are changing. As civilization edges towards the horrors of World War I, every day brings new tensions in Europe and technological advances that make Victorian England feel like a distant dream. Into the rooms of Sherlock Holmes come Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison—with new inventions that will alter the course of human history—only both inventions have gone missing. Can Holmes, Watson, and Irene Adler somehow unravel the latest diabolical scheme of the late Professor Moriarty’s evil daughter, Marie Chartier? Can world peace be achieved by the most powerful weapon ever created? Can death itself be overcome by a scientific genius? And can Sherlock Holmes survive the greatest personal loss of his career?

Thursday, May 5. Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 9:00 AM and returns at 6:30 PM. $135 for members, $155 for nonmembers.


History Remembered & Celebrated

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan has been teaching about the Holocaust and its legacy for more than 30 years, and its building, exhibits and programs have received international accolades and heartfelt thanks from millions of visitors. The Holocaust was a historical time of not only evil, although the evil is undeniable, but also of great courage, strength and righteousness. An extensively trained docent will walk us through galleries ranging from European Jewish culture from the second century through the post war period. See a WWII-era boxcar used by the Nazis to transport Jews and other “undesirables” to implement the Final Solution.

Lunch will be at Genitti’s Restaurant. A landmark since 1971, Genitti’s was originally a meat and grocery store. In 1979, the owners opened their restaurant when a hole was knocked out of the side of the market, giving birth to Genitti’s Hole-In-The-Wall! Known for fabulous Italian cuisine, the menu includes Italian wedding soup, garlic bread, antipasto salad, baked chicken, mostaccioli, vegetable, oven roasted potatoes, plus homemade double chocolate brownies for dessert! 5

After lunch, step back in time with a docent-led tour of Mill Race Village in Northville. A living museum, the Village was built on land donated by the Ford Motor Company. Once the site of a grist mill, the Village is home to a church, gazebo, school, rustic wooden bridge, blacksmith shop, general store, interurban train station and several homes reminiscent of a bygone era. The New School Church was built in 1845 and exhibits a Greek Revival architectural style with a columned entrance portico.

The day will wrap up sweetly with a visit to the Russel Stover chocolate shop. In addition to a wide range of chocolates, the store features gourmet caramel apples, silky handmade fudge, and gourmet roast coffee.

Tuesday, June 21. Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 8:00 AM and returns about 6:00 PM. Price is $115 for members, $135 for nonmembers.


Gardens of Detroit (SOLD OUT)

Both old and new gardens are found on Belle Isle Park, home of the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, the oldest continually-running conservatory in the US. Also on Belle Isle is the new Oudolf Detroit Garden, one of the latest projects for the world-renowned gardener Piet Oudolf. He designed the public gardens at the High Line in New York and Chicago’s Lurie Garden.

Tour Detroit’s first certified arboretum located inside Elmwood Cemetery. Both Elmwood Cemetery and Belle Isle were designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, best known for designing Central Park in New York City.

Be prepared for a lot of walking as we explore lush green spaces, including an urban garden on Detroit’s lower east side. Detroit Abloom and Cut Flower Garden is a non-profit cut-flower farm specializing in organic flowers, and native and pollinator plants. Their goal is to revitalize neighborhoods by transforming blighted land into productive landscapes of exceptional beauty.

Included lunch will be a seven-course Russian tea in the tradition of the Grand and Elegant Court of Imperial Russia served at the Royal Eagle Café. The Royal Eagle Café is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood on the grounds of an authentic, working Russian Orthodox monastery. The grounds consist of beautifully manicured flower gardens, fountains, ponds, and gazebos.

Please note that this trip involves a lot of walking. Due to circumstances beyond our control, sometimes vendors may not able to fulfill their commitments. Substitutions of equal value will be implemented. Also, the Russian Orthodox monastery requires that visitors abide by a strict dress code in order to preserve their unique atmosphere. Modest attire is required, no shorts for ladies or gentlemen. Absolutely no visible tattoos and no visible piercings (except for earrings) are permitted. For the ladies, slacks to the ankles are fine, no capri pants, no leggings. Hem lines are to be below the knee, no low-cut blouses, no bare shoulders, though quarter length sleeves acceptable. Sandals are acceptable. No smoking, no gum chewing or ringing cell phones; no vulgar language.

Thursday, July 21. Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 7:45 AM and returns approximately 6:15 PM. Price is $119 for members, $139 for nonmembers.



Lakeside was among the first communities founded as part of the Chautauqua Movement in North America, welcoming families to the Lake Erie shore for more than 140 years. A guide from the Lakeside Heritage Society will take us on a bus tour around the center of the beautiful Lakeside campus which includes 47 historic structures used for the summer Chautauqua program. Glimpse Lakeside’s “painted ladies,” some of the oldest family cottages on the grounds among the 900 Victorian cottages in the town. Learn about the origins of this American cultural movement, highlighting what has made Lakeside such a longstanding success. At Heritage Hall Museum learn more about the Lakeside Chautauqua experience and the long list of speakers and performers to have come over the years, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Ray Charles, and many more.

Lunch will be at the Hotel Lakeside, a National Historic Landmark. Built in 1875, the hotel has an unbeatable view of Lake Erie and “Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile,” a stretch of the southern Lake Erie shoreline prized for its flowers.

In the afternoon we will visit Marblehead Lighthouse, the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes, and Johnson’s Island, a camp for prisoners of war during the American Civil War. Dr. Dave Bush, archaeological director on the island for 30 years and retired anthropology professor from Heidelberg University, will lead an informative tour of the cemetery and prison site. At the cemetery, you will hear from the diaries and letters of those buried in this northern prison. At the site area, Dr. Bush will share some of the exciting discoveries made over the many years of exploring the cultural material as well as the vast historical record of the 150,000 men incarcerated there.

Thursday, September 15. Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 8:30 AM and returns approximately 6:30 PM. Price is $105 for members, $125 for nonmembers.


Fall Foliage Cruise (SOLD OUT)

Cruise on the Grand River with us! Step back in time by stepping onto the Michigan Princess, a classic replica of a 19th century steam boat with graceful arched windows, beautiful wood trim, and crystal chandeliers. Enjoy the fall foliage as we float down the river with all the comforts of a 5-star establishment, including indoor and outdoor seating and climate control. A delicious hot buffet lunch will be served aboard ship followed by live entertainment.

Once back on land, walk through Michigan’s most important historic building: the State Capitol Building. Built in 1878, it was designed to impress with details ranging from the rotunda’s inlaid floor with 976 pieces of glass to door knobs and hinges featuring Michigan’s coat of arms. The Capitol contains nine acres of hand-painted decorative art making it one of the best examples of Victorian decorative painting in the entire country.

Finish the day with a driving tour of Michigan’s beautiful capital city of Lansing. Visit the striking campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Old Town Lansing where this region was first established, the Michigan Historical Museum, and the modern Impression 5 Science Center.

Wednesday, October 12. Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 9:00 AM and returns about 6:30 PM. Price is $121 for members, $141 for nonmembers.


For more information or to register please call 419-824-3707 or email