Lourdes University

In an age where tuition continues to climb nationally for private and public institutions, the strength of our scholarship program has become increasing important as a key strategy to assist in keeping tuition affordable for Lourdes students. Currently, 94% of Lourdes undergraduate students who complete the Lourdes application process are eligible to receive some form of financial aid.

The scholarship program at Lourdes strives to meet the financial needs of a diverse student body. 60% of the student body at Lourdes is first-generation college students. 60% of all students are non-traditional, meaning they didn’t enroll in college courses direct from high school. Many are starting a second career, coming back to finish a degree, or setting out to accomplish a long-time dream of attaining their degree.

Through donor-funded and institutional-funded scholarships, the scholarship program at Lourdes contributes generously to the financial aid package of many students. Currently, through the generosity of Lourdes benefactors, the scholarship program consists of 48 endowed scholarships, 15 named scholarships and an additional 21 institutional scholarships. The offices of Institutional Advancement and Financial Aid continue to work together to offer an increasingly diverse scholarship program that benefits students of all backgrounds and areas of study.

Lourdes has two types of scholarships: Endowed and Named:

  • Endowed scholarships last in perpetuity. The minimum dollar amount required to establish an endowed scholarship is $10,000 and can be paid through a pledge agreement not to exceed three years. Once endowed, a 12-quarter rolling average of the fund balance is awarded annually per the scholarship guidelines. By college policy, the principle amount of an endowment cannot be invaded. The donor making the scholarship possible is invited to assist in establishing the award guidelines.
  • Annually funded scholarships are awarded as contributions are received and funds do not accumulate. The minimum amount necessary to establish an annually funded scholarship is $1,000 with a commitment to support the fund annually for at least three years.

For more information on establishing a scholarship fund please contact:

Brittany Telander
Director of Donor Relations
Institutional Advancement
(419) 517-8971