The office of Mission and Ministry supports the mission and vision of Lourdes by strengthening its Catholic Franciscan identity.

The rich diversity of our community, Catholic tradition, Sylvania Franciscan roots, and the spiritual, intellectual, and social values of the students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administration are essential measures of the dynamic relationship between our mission and ministry. Together they insure our fidelity to the mission and our call to service. Together they express our Franciscan values as a Community of Learning, a Community of Reverence, a Community of Service.



Through Campus Ministry, Service Learning, prayer services, outreach efforts, the Mission Awareness Committee, orientation programs, and a host of other events and resources, we focus on integrating the mission in every area of the institution.



In the spirit of Francis of Assisi we hope to be instruments of peace. Like him we strive to be a reconciling presence in our world. Whatever your role in the Lourdes community, the office of Mission and Ministry wants to assist you in understanding our Franciscan values and traditions. As they become a part of your life, we trust that you will translate our mission into your area of expertise and your circle of influence.

Like Francis you speak the mission wherever you work, serve, share, and live. Like the students, faculty, and staff who have gone before you, we challenge you to find a place and a way of living out these Franciscan values here and in the world beyond 6832 Convent Blvd.

Pax et Bonum! Pace e bene! Peace and all good!


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