Lighted Remembrance Candles

All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos. As the year draws to a close, we traditionally make time during the month of November to remember those who have gone before us. We honor those who have been heroes and mentors to us; those who have modeled what it means to be faith-filled people of integrity. We particularly remember those who have left us in the past year and who touched our lives while they were among us.

We Remember (2020)
Richard (Dick) Anderson
Karen Biscay
Lucas Bosch
Paul Brothers
Betty Clarke-Palmer
Thomas M. & Sharon J. Cooney
Officer Anthony Dia
Arlanda Dula (’03)
Linda Kathy Eaton
Sister Nathaniel Eisel, OSF
Melinda Fike (’96)
Sister Eleanore Furman, OSF
Sister Martha Herkness, OSF
Stanley Hills
Letha A. Holup
Richard Hyman (’08)
Dan Johnson
Robert & Helen L. Keller
Terry Ray Keller
Colleen King
Patsy Kiros
Preston Klopfenstein
Antoinette Knecht
Sister Rose de Lima Kott, OSF
Jennifer Kronberg (’89)
Christine Ludlum (’00)
Jimmy Moore
Rosemary Ann Moore
Catherine Motter
Sister Dorothy Mrock, OSF
Brian Joseph Murray
James Murray
Lois Nowak
Sister Bernice Pasiowitz, OSF
Kathy Perzynski
Charles Ray
Lawrence H. Romaine II
Sister Vianney Rudzki, OSF
Officer Michael Shaw
Yehia (John) & Emney Shousher
Sister Patricia Simpson. OSF
Gil Sklenar
Rabbi Alan Sokobin
Barbara Ann Stallman
Richard Stansley
Nick Thomm
Sister Adrienne Urban, OSF
Jackson Weis
Sister Luke Wodarski, OSF
All who have died as a result of the Coronavirus

May their souls rest in peace!

If you wish to add other names to this Remembrance Page, contact Sister Barbara Vano (