Lighted Remembrance Candles

All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos. As the year draws to a close, we traditionally make time during the month of November to remember those who have gone before us. We honor those who have been heroes and mentors to us; those who have modeled what it means to be faith-filled people of integrity. We particularly remember those who have left us in the past year (since last November 1) and who touched our lives while they were among us.

We Remember (2023)

Clay Ryan Wenzlick
Sister LaDonna Pinkelman
Daniel Holup
Gary L. Rushford
Mary Frances DeLeon
Gloria Kneser
Father Richard Wurzel
Walter Rutkowski
Anne Barshel
Sister Marie Andree Chorzempa
Frank Kleshinski
Sister Rebecca LaPoint
Mike Waggoner
Sister Thomas More Ruffing
John Schuster
Sister Gervase Lochotzki
Kelly Arquette
Joseph W. Lehman, Jr.


All who have died from natural disasters
All who have died in wars and acts of terrorism
All who have died through acts of violence, particularly gun violence

May their souls rest in peace!

If you wish to add other names to this Remembrance Page, contact Sister Barbara Vano (