About Faith Talks

Faith Talks, sponsored by Lourdes University Office of Mission & Ministry and the Notre Dame & Saint Mary’s Club of Toledo, explores the ways that our beliefs and faith traditions shape us and impact our daily life. Our hope in presenting Faith Talks is that, regardless of faith tradition, we are conscious of the challenge to ensure that our faith “talks” to our contemporary society.

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Previous Lectures

2017: Only the Strong Can Be Gentle: Toward Spirituality for Leadership

Rev Ronald J Nuzzi PhD

Speaker: Reverend Ronald J. Nuzzi, Ph.D.

Dr. Rev. Nuzzi’s lecture reviewed the Catholic tradition, including the Scriptures, the life of Jesus, and the example of the saints, and its Catholic approach to leadership.


2015: Human Rights and the Teaching of the Catholic Church, from Saint Francis to Pope Francis

Speaker: Paolo G. Carozza, A.B., J.D.
Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies; Director, Center for Civil and Human Rights; Fellow, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace; Fellow, Nanovic Institute for European Studies, Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Carozza’s lecture explored the notion of human rights as expressed in Catholic tradition and Catholic social teaching.



2014: Three Heroes of Assisi in World War II

Speaker: Fr. André Cirino, OFM
A Franciscan friar from the Immaculate Conception Province in New York, Fr. André is contemporary preacher engaged in retreat ministry, parish work and formation ministry.

Fr. André’s lectured discussed how the efforts of three individuals (Colonel Valentin Müller, Bishop Giuseppe Nicolini and Don Aldo Brunacci) saved the city of Assisi from bombardment, housed thousands of refugees, and coordinated the effort to hide approximately three hundred Jews in the city’s convents, friaries and homes.



2013: Feminine Models of Spirituality in Catholicism & Islam

Speakers: Fatima Agha Al-Hayani, Ph.D. and Phyllis H. Kaminski, Ph.D.
Dr. Al-Hayani: a Scholar in Islamic and Near Eastern Studies, who lectures extensively on topics such as Islamic law and women in the Middle East.
Dr. Al-Hayani shared the stories and spiritualities of two eighth century women, Zubayda al-Rashi and Rabi’a al’Adawiyyah

Dr. Kaminski: Professor of Religious Studies, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana, who lectures in the areas of theology and women’s studies.
Dr. Kaminski shared her insights on Thérèse of Liseux and Jean Donovan.

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