iWolf Program

The iWolf Power of Innovative Learning Program ensures a dynamic and relevant learning experience for Lourdes University students. By providing a more technology-rich environment, Lourdes seeks to increase student learning and engagement, improve the quality of teaching materials and decrease student costs.

The iWolf Program began in spring 2019. Twenty-five Lourdes University faculty were trained to become certified iWolf Faculty who integrated technology into select first year courses. Since that time, all new incoming faculty have participated in the iWolf program, and technology has continued to be integrated into 200-400 level courses.

Beginning in Fall 2023, all incoming undergraduate students receive a MacBook Air, and select courses are designed with the full support of mobile technology. Faculty teaching these courses provide a more dynamic learning in-classroom experience, and online textbooks and open source materials promote a 24/7 educational experience.

The Lourdes iWolf interactive learning environment:

  • Inspires student creativity
  • Promotes problem solving
  • Assures superior communication through multimedia and digital storytelling
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Allows for 24 hour access to learning and research materials and activities

For more information about the iWolf Power of Innovative Learning Program, contact a Lourdes Admissions Counselor at 419-885-5291, 800-878-3210, ext. 5291 or luadmits@lourdes.edu.