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CBE Executive Board

Membership Chair

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DeAnna Seger 

Coordinator of Competency Based Education Programs

About the CBE Advisory Board


The Competency-Based Education (CBE) Advisory Board is in place to help consistently improve the strategic plan of competency-based education programs at Lourdes University.  The CBE advisory board consists of several accomplished experts in various fields of study.

Mission Statement 

To create a flexible and holistic educational experience for students through strategic planning and collaboration with community leaders.

Vision Statement 

Our vision for CBE programs at Lourdes University, is to provide each student with a meaningful and personalized education that prepares them for their profession.  Our vision for the advisory board is to help achieve the vision set forth for CBE programs at Lourdes University

CBE Advisory Board Objectives

Executive Board

  1. To provide opportunities for members to contribute to the success of students who are enrolled in CBE programs at Lourdes University.
  2. To provide members with professional development opportunities for competency-based education and higher education.  This may include workshops, webinars, Lourdes University CBE Certificate, seminars, guest speaker sessions, and other Lourdes University affiliated events.
  3. To provide members with collaboration and partnership opportunities with local and national professionals.
  4. To provide members with educational, engaging, and purposeful service work.

Member (15 people per year) – Expectations

  1. Attend 3 meetings per year (1 Fall, 1 Spring, and 1 Summer).  They can be held via Zoom or in person.
  2. Engage with at least one CBE professional development activity, once a year.  This may include workshops, webinar, Lourdes University CBE Certificate, seminar, guest speaker session, CBE journal review, and/or other Lourdes University affiliated events.
  3. Review CBE courses, or strategic plans, and/or overall goals and provide feedback to aid with the continuous improvement or CBE programs at Lourdes University.
  4. Share opportunities where students can gain professional and volunteer experience.

Benefits of the CBE Advisory Board 

  1. Optional CBE Lourdes University certification designed by our CBE Instructional Designer
  2. Opportunity to collaborate with local and national professionals.
  3. Three meetings per year with opportunities for professional development, informative speakers, and a delicious brunch.
  4. Invitation to campus social events throughout the year.
  5. Become a leader and innovator for new CBE initiatives in higher education.

CBE Advisory Board Contact Form 

If you are interested in becoming a CBE Advisory Board Member, please complete the brief contact information form.  You can access the form by clicking the link below:

CBE Advisory Board Contact Form

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