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Leaders In Their Fields

LeeRoy Wells Jr., ‘07 My goals are very simple. To accomplish my purpose and God-given destiny and leave a legacy for my children and their children.” Motivated by his faith, LeeRoy Wells Jr. is fulfilling his goals. As Senior Vice President of Operations for Consumers Energy, the primary subsidiary of CMS Energy, he is responsible … Continued

Leaders In Their Fields

Kedsede Desamour, ’14, ‘13 Remy Fleurima, ’14, ‘13 Kavaughn Ross, ’15, ‘14 In 2010, three friends from Fort Lauderdale decided to take a chance on Lourdes College’s newly established Gray Wolves Basketball Team. Recruited by then Head Coach Andre Smith, Kedsede Desamour, Remy Fleurima and Kavaughn Ross transferred. The three would also be among the … Continued

Meeting Growing Industries & Workforce Needs

Digital & Media Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree   Students in the Digital & Media Studies (DMS) program are making a positive impact in our community. The program embeds in its classes real-world projects that benefit non-profit organizations and businesses and provides active learning experiences for students. The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is a beneficiary. … Continued

Leaders In Their Fields

  Darriontae Stewart, ‘19 Within the span of eight months, Darriontae Stewart graduated from Lourdes University and the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy. Having dedicated his time to earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, he then completed 30 weeks of intense training to become a member of the Patrol’s 166th academy class. As a … Continued

Like Me

  In the State of Ohio, educators of color make up just 5 percent of the population compared to a student body that has 33 percent diversity. To address the disparity, the Division of Education established the Like Me: Diversifying the Educator Workforce program. As the program coordinator, Kimberly Scribner, ’12, has built a program … Continued

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