Older ladies celebrating at an elegant lunch


The Lourdes College Auxiliary was founded in 1983 as an outreach program of the College. Its mission was to provide support and to promote Lourdes’ programs and activities. Throughout the years, the Auxiliary helped to build a strong foundation upon which Lourdes continues to build and flourish with the Lourdes Society.

Auxiliary History

  • Lourdes Auxiliary was founded in 1983 to support Lourdes. Their activities included:
    • Assisting the President
    • Establishing the Lourdes Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship
    • Organizing events that have generated over $200,000
    • Providing volunteer help for mailings, events, and special celebrations
  • Black Tie Bingo Gala Fundraiser which became Luminations
  • Style Show Fundraiser
  • Gallery Loft

List of Auxiliary Presidents

Joyce Bettinger 1984-1985
Judy DeVilbiss 1985-1986
Ruth Szymanski 1986-1987
Margaret Bilfinger 1987-1988
Sylvia Bartell 1988-1989
Mary Hills 1989-1990
Dolly Flasck 1990-1991
Connie Ruth 1991-1992
Penny O’Brien 1992-1993
Diane Miller 1993-1994
Marcia Hamill 1994-1995
Ursula Caufliel 1995-1996
Karen DeNune 1996-1997
Rosalie Hinde 1997-1998
Rosalie Hinde 1998-1999
Gladys Maguire 1999-2000
Claudia Giovannucci 2000-2001
Rena Brooks 2001-2002
Ingrid Springer 2002-2003
Mary Ann Schlievert 2003-2004
Carole Dymczyk 2004-2005
Dolores Roesner 2005-2006
Norene Drewecz 2006-2007
Sharon Arquette 2007-2008


Total Scholarship Dollars Raised

In addition to their unending dedication to the institution and priceless assistance in growing awareness of the college, they also raised close to $200,000 to benefit student scholarships and the excellent Franciscan education it provides.

Photos from past Auxiliary events

Older couple sitting at a decorated table with baskets Two older ladies wearing sweaters who are standing in a room with Christmas wreaths in the background

Three older ladies sitting at a table ready for an elegant lunch One person standing and another sitting in front of a table with meal

Two older ladies wearing red sweaters standing in front of the door Older ladies celebrating at an elegant lunch