Brand & Identity text with the Lourdes arch logo and paw print logo

Lourdes University is a Catholic and Franciscan institution established in 1958 by the Sisters of St. Francis. Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, Lourdes is known for its quality academic programs and personalized attention afforded to students. Located in Sylvania, Ohio within the Great Lakes region of the United States, Lourdes students appreciate the safe and beautiful 127-acre suburban campus.


Lourdes Seal


The Lourdes University seal combines the Franciscan coat of arms with that of Lourdes, France. Two circles, symbolic of the Franciscan cord and the rosary, enclose the vertically divided seal.

The Lourdes field contains an eagle holding a trout in its beak perched atop a castle; below are the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The scene commemorates Charlemagne’s eighth century victory over the Saracens. The year 1858 signifies the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The Franciscan field showing two arms crossed over the Hebrew letter tau signifies the mystical bond between the Franciscans and Christ. St. Francis of Assisi favored the tau cross as a signature. The trees above the coat of arms recall the foundation of Lourdes University in wooded Sylvania, Ohio in the United States of America.

Lourdes University logos

The primary color palette for Lourdes University logos is terracotta brown (Pantone 1525) and black. The logos should not be modified beyond the variations shown.

Please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications ( with requests to use the logo(s) and to receive a high resolution version.


Lourdes University


The Lourdes University traditional logo font is Weiss. Acceptable variations include Trajan and AGaramond.

The Terracotta brown color represents:

  • The color associated with St. Francis of Assisi and the Sisters of Saint Francis
  • The dominant color of the California Missions
  • The rich color of the earth, reflecting the natural beauty surrounding Lourdes University

The Pillars and Arch represent:

  • Those traditions upon which Lourdes University is built – Franciscan Values and Academic Excellence

The Two-Part Arch represents:

  • The unification of excellence and dedication in faculty and staff as they join together to support the academic dreams and aspirations of their students




Athletic Logo

Athletics Wordmark

The Lourdes University Gray Wolves logos are created using a customized version of the font Infinite Justice.

Gubi Mascot

Gray Wolves Mascot

The image of the Gray Wolves represents:

  • The reverence St. Francis had for all of God’s creatures – including animals and nature
  • The story of St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio