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Lourdes University welcomes the opportunity to share the latest news about the institution.

Media Relations serves as a liaison between Lourdes University and the local media. The University requests all media outlets to respect the privacy of Lourdes students and employees and submit their requests for interviews, access and information through Briana Peters, Marketing & Communications Specialist, at

Likewise, students who are approached directly by the media must refer them to the Office of Marketing & Communications to facilitate their requests. By contacting the department first, we can properly facilitate any requests, and to direct media to the appropriate personnel and location. A Marketing & Communications member must be present when a Lourdes University student meets with or is interviewed by the media. The department can assist the student with preparation before meeting with the media.

Media Relations is responsible for:

  • Creating news releases and publicizing news via media outlets and social media
  • Contributing articles to internal and external publications
  • Copywriting, editing and proofreading

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First point of contact

Media officials must contact the Office of Marketing & Communications with all media requests. While on campus, media shall be escorted by a member of the MarCom department. The office will work closely with local, regional and national media to ensure that all requests are handled in a timely manner. Likewise, members of the Lourdes community who are approached directly by media are to refer them to the Office of Marketing & Communications.

On campus filming & photography

Lourdes University is happy to accommodate requests for photography and filming on campus by media representatives. Before scheduling photography or video sessions, media are asked to contact the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Promotional Photos

Lourdes offers a variety of promotional photos of the university. For photos, please contact Marketing & Communications.