The Lourdes Society recognizes individuals making investments to Lourdes University that drive inspiration in our students and across our campus.

Lourdes Society members make annual commitments of $1,000 or more to the University. They prioritize the University in their philanthropic giving with gifts of inspiration to the future of the University and its students. Gifts may be designated to an area of interest or given as unrestricted.

Lourdes Society members are:

  • Invited to activities showcasing innovation and excellence in education
  • Celebrated annually at APPLAUD; Lourdes Society appreciation event
  • Sent the inside track of Lourdes University news and announcements

What type of impact can Lourdes Society members initiate?

A gift of

  • $1,000 provides assistance towards the cost of a student’s textbooks or room and board
  • $5,000 provides resources for student mission trips and Habitat for Humanity involvement
  • $10,000 provides the Athletics program resources toward team travel, sports equipment, and athlete scholarships
  • $25,000 provides resources to establish an endowed scholarship benefiting students into perpetuity
  • $50,000 provides resources for specialized classroom equipment like simulation manikins in nursing labs
  • $75,000 provides resources to secure faculty and administration for innovative academic programs, like our Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverages or Exercise Science
  • $100,000 can assist in the shift to the iWolf digital learning environment with investment in infrastructure, training, and device and equipment

What will be the impact YOU create as a Lourdes Society member?

We invite you to join today by making a gift online or contacting Brittany Telander, Director or Donor Relations at or 419-517-8971 for more information.

Lourdes Society membership is renewable annually and based on gifts made or facilitated by an individual and his/her spouse. Corporate matching gifts count toward membership if received or verified within the same fiscal year.

Lourdes Society Events

Lourdes Society events are unique opportunities on Lourdes’ campus for personal connections. Such opportunities include meeting featured speakers presenting on campus, learning playbook strategies from our athletic coaches, or private lessons or classes with Lourdes Faculty and staff. Our goal is to share with you the talents and exceptional experiences available to our students and community through Lourdes University.

Upcoming Lourdes Society Events

November 2019 :   Veterans Day Celebration

Graphic Gray Wolves


January 2020     :       Meet the Coaches



Applaud logo



Celebrating Friendships

APPLAUD is the Lourdes Society signature event celebrating the members’ relationship with the University, each other and our commitment to the students. The evening is a creative celebration that offers opportunities to interact with students, hear University and program updates, sample delicious hors d’oeuvres and craft beverages and put our hands together for each other.  This year, the talent and humor of nationally acclaimed guitarist and comedian Mike Rayburn will delighted and inspired all.

Photos from our September 4, 2019 APPLAUD event



MAG Chairs and Student Speaker