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Guatemala 2018: Looking Back on the Week

– by Laureen Knueven Here we are, the end of the week. As I sit here typing this blog in the Salon at the Valley my heart melts thinking about leaving these children, this experience and this time away from my normal routine. So much is going on in my mind right now and it … Continued

Guatemala 2018: Tuesday – A Day in Antigua

– by Anna Zofchak Today was a very nice break for the group. We were able to visit Antigua for the day.  During this time we put aside many of the harsh things that we have seen and experienced during this week.  I sometimes feel that we, myself included, forget that in a short amount of time … Continued

Guatemala 2018: Monday – Walking with others on the Journey

– by Jacob Supina   Today we went to the garbage dump, and it was very intense. It was interesting to see how some of these people make their living from the junk we toss out. An idea was thrown out that in this situation, it would be better to not recycle because the people … Continued

Guatemala 2018 – Language Beyond Words

– by Savanna Wilson Today was beautiful- not too much rain, not too much sun, not too much wind. Although this detail is minute in the grand scheme of things it made for the perfect weather to get outside and interact with the children, (mostly the girls). I find it so interesting how certain children … Continued

Guatemala 2018 – How does your garden grow?

– by Kristen Guballa   Personally, today was a harder day for me.  Yesterday, while participating in Mano Amiga, I hyperextended my knee and had to miss out on the maintenance project in the garden this morning.  Our team tended to the ripe vegetables and fruits and lent a hand for other various tasks around … Continued

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