Group of several students outside near a house building site

Guatemala 2019 – Memories

The Team arrived back at Lourdes on Thursday evening with tired bodies, smiles and MANY stories to tell. A week ago we were anxious and wondering what the days would hold, now they’re memories – memories that change lives.  

Guatemala 2019 – Take-aways

Day #7 Our time at the valley is coming to an end and it is bittersweet. I expected to spend time with the children and build bonds with them. However, I learned so much from them and they inspired me more than ever. They welcomed me with so much love and care that I felt … Continued

Guatemala 2019 – Meeting Families

Day #5 Today we travelled to Mano Amiga and gave food, including corn flour, sugar, beans, and protein power. We split into two different groups and visited ten different families. Some families were very sharing with their stories. One woman had a brother that was 27 years old and diagnosed with testicular cancer and is … Continued

Guatemala 2019 – Meeting the People

Day #4 The community here consists of over 200 boys and girls with an age range of 6 years old to 19 years old. The Valley runs so well like a well-oiled machine. The selflessness and teamwork is the most amazing thing I have seen. When it comes to showers, morning/bedtime routines, meals, and their … Continued

Guatemala 2019 – Introduction to Valley

Day #2 Yesterday (Friday) we ventured out into the downtown area of Guatemala City to hand out food to the members of the community. The project they were hosting was so much like Campus Ministry Labre! It was a joy to see a Lourdes tradition in another country. Yet, the sights we saw were devastating … Continued

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