View of the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis

2018/2019 Scenes from Pilgrimage

We can’t possibly add all the photos that we took – but we’ve picked some to share with you. The trip was amazing and we can’t wait to share the experience.  

2018/2019 Back in Ohio

On Sunday evening, Sisters Ann Carmen and Barb picked up our pilgrims at Detroit Metro Airport. Here are some snippets from the conversation on the way back: — It was hard to say good-bye. — I’m glad to be home! — I wanted to bring everyone back in my suitcase. — I loved that we … Continued

2018/2019 Porziuncola – Home and Community

My experience at the Porziuncola was just fantastic. I loved how we started the day with Mass in that little chapel because it initiated the ideas of home and community. The idea of home is present there because it became the home of St. Francis and St. Clare. It was so much of a home … Continued

2018/2019 San Damiano – Discoveries

From Hannah Hess: Our visit to San Damiano helped me realize the importance of identity. Each person has a desire to be known and discovered by someone or something, but what I learned at San Damiano is that without discovering oneself for your own identity in your life with Christ, you will never truly find … Continued

2018/2019 St Peter’s – Dream of a Lifetime

Hello from Hannah and Rachel! We are doing well, LOVED Rome and are moving on to Greccio and Assisi tomorrow! Listening to the Pope speak today was moving. I (Hannah) had the ability to sneak up towards the front of he crowd during the papal audience so I had a wonderful view of him. He … Continued

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