iWolf FAQs

What is the goal for the iWolf Program?
Whether digital natives or digital immigrants, a majority of today’s students individually own multiple mobile devices that are with them 24/7. To insure a dynamic and relevant learning experience for all students, Lourdes created the iWolf Power of Innovative Learning Program. The goal of the program is to increase student learning and engagement, improve the quality of teaching materials and decrease student costs.

Lourdes University Student Outcomes are posted at https://www.lourdes.edu/about-lourdes/our-mission-values/learning-outcomes/.

How will Lourdes students benefit?
Lourdes University students will benefit from the iWolf Program in the following ways:

  • Enhanced active and collaborative learning environments
  • Improved access to faculty through a common technology platform
  • Increased opportunities for asynchronous learning
  • Reduced costs with digital textbooks and other learning materials

Why are freshmen the only students who will receive an iPad Pro or be part of the program?
To provide an effective launch of the iWolf program, Lourdes University is integrating the technology into select courses in four phases. The first phase will involve select 100 level courses. In preparation for the transition, 25 Lourdes faculty will train to become certified iWolf faculty who will integrate technology into these courses.

In the proceeding phases, additional faculty will be trained to integrate the technology into 200, 300 and then 400 level courses – providing a seamless iWolf experience for students throughout their time at Lourdes.

Will Lourdes students be required to pay additional fees?
New Lourdes freshman will be assessed a technology fee. However, these students will benefit from reduced textbook costs. Current Lourdes students not enrolled in the iWolf program will not have additional fees.

What iPad Pro will students receive?
Fall 2019 entering freshmen will receive the following:

  • A 10.5 inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) with 2 year AppleCare+ protection
  • Keyboard and Case
  • Apple Pencil
  • Charger

When will students receive their iPad Pro?
New Lourdes freshmen will receive their iPad Pros as part of their orientation program. If a student is unable to attend the orientation, they may pick up their iPad at the IT Help Desk during normal operating hours.

How does my iPad Pro access the internet?
iPads are Wi-Fi enabled only. Students will be able to access the iWolf and Gray Wolf Junction learning management system on their devices in and outside of the classroom.

Who owns my iPad Pro?
The iPad Pros are purchased by and are the property of Lourdes University until the student graduates. During the time that Lourdes owns the iPad, the University expects students to care for the iPad and treat it as they would other personal property. Upon graduation, the iPad becomes the property of the student.

Will students be able to keep the iPad Pro through the summer and vacation breaks?
Yes. Your iPad Pro is yours to use whenever and wherever you go.

In regard to the use of Lourdes University iPad Pros, all members of the Lourdes University community are obligated to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy For Technology. In accordance with the University’s Student Code of Conduct, Lourdes students are required to respect the rights and property of others, to be fully acquainted and comply with the published rules and regulations of the University, to comply with all local state and federal laws, and recognize that their actions reflect upon the individuals involved as well as upon the entire University community.

If students already have an iPad Pro, will they be able to use that one?
To ensure device consistency and to reduce the downtime and distractions that come with mixed technology/software/application environments, students are required to use Lourdes-provided iPad Pros. Because Lourdes is supplying the device, we will be able to maintain learning continuity and provide support services for Lourdes University iPad Pros, including immediate replacement of a broken iPad Pro by Lourdes University’s IT Help Desk under the AppleCare insurance plan.

Do students need a computer if they have an iPad Pro?
In most cases, no. To determine technology needs, students should consider a variety of factors including:

  • Major, minor, field of study
  • Learning preferences and needs
  • Budget

Does the iPad Pro come with other accessories?
Yes. Your iPad Pro comes with a Smart Keyboard, Case and Apple Pencil.
NOTE: The case that comes with your iPad Pro has an integrated slot for an Apple Pencil.

Do students buy the apps for the iPad Pro or does Lourdes?
Students will purchase and own the apps required for their classes. Lourdes students participating in the iWolf Program will be required to create their own Apple ID if they don’t already have one. Students will use their Apple ID to purchase and manage all apps and other related content on their iPad. Upon graduation, students will be able to continue using whatever apps they have purchased on whatever new iOS device they purchase in the future.

Can Lourdes students install their own apps?
Yes. Lourdes students may install their own apps onto the iPad Pro.

How will professors use the iPad Pros in their classes?
Use of iPad Pros in the learning environments and courses will vary. The iPad Pro and the wide variety of apps offer numerous opportunities for teaching and learning. One of the primary advantages of the iWolf platform strategy is that it will offer students various ways to engage with content which will meet the needs of all students their individual learning preferences.

Are iPad Pros used in all classes?
In Fall 2019, select 100 level courses will be converted to the iWolf platform. Beginning Fall 2020, select 200-400 level courses will begin the transition process.

Use of the iPad Pro for official course work as well as access to devices during class is at the discretion of Lourdes faculty. It is recommended that students bring the iPad Pro to class as it will provide many opportunities including notetaking, creating interactive presentations and iMovies, collaborating and using assistive technologies as needed.

What are my textbook buying options with an iPad Pro?
With iPad Pros, students can consider learning needs and preferences, cost, lifestyle and sustainability while making textbook selections. Whether students are looking for savings, going green, leveraging assistive technologies, integrating apps or planning to travel with athletics, work, conferencing or study abroad, using an eReader with the iPad Pro offers many advantages in an academic environment. Students should check course syllabi for details on materials needed and consider digital textbook availability.

Do students still need to purchase textbooks?
Students will need to buy their textbooks for class; however, in many classes, they will have the flexibility of selecting a printed textbook or an e-text. The Lourdes University Bookstore is available to help with this process.

Will students be trained on how to use their iPad Pro?
Yes. Lourdes students are provided with instructions on setting up their Apple IDs, iPad Pro basic settings, email and what apps to install. During registration days, students are introduced to their FYE course, which starts over the summer. Digital literacies have been embedded in this course and will assist students in leveraging technological approaches in effective notetaking, time management and organizational skills. Productivity and workflow are also covered as well as creating interactive, effectual presentations and iMovies. These skills should provide a foundation from which students can build.

Where can students learn more about the iPad Pro?
Students are encouraged to explore online resources such as the App Store, blogs and YouTube videos for innovative academic strategies and solutions. For further assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at 419-824-3807.

How will students get service and support for their iPad Pro?
The iPad Pro comes with the AppleCare+ warranty which covers hardware repair through Apple’s limited warranty including telephone support by Apple. This warranty begins two years from the original purchase date and also includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $49 service fee.

Details on the Apple iPad Pro warranty for the US

In addition to support by Apple through their online, telephone, retail and independent Apple Authorized Service Providers, students can leverage the Lourdes University IT Help Desk.

What should students do if their iPad Pro is lost or stolen?
Lost or stolen iPad Pros should be reported immediately to the Lourdes Public Safety office. Never confront a suspected thief. Incidents of theft will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Contact the IT Help Desk at 419-824-3807 or helpdesk@lourdes.edu to receive a loaner iPad for up to 30 days. Ultimately, the student assumes all risks of loss of the equipment.

What safety measures exist?
The iPad Pro devices should be locked with a passcode and with the Find My iPad Pro service enabled via iCloud. That way, if a student’s iPad Pro is taken, no one can access the private information and the student will have greater likelihood in locating and retrieving the device.

What data security issues should students consider?
Lourdes University is committed to internet security for students and faculty. Students should back up their devices using iCloud or a computer (Mac or PC) via iTunes.

What about personal use and privacy. Are there restrictions on the apps students can install?
Lourdes students are expected to treat the iPad Pro as if it were their own. Students can use the iPad Pro for personally downloaded apps, photos, videos, music and more. Students can also personalize most settings as well as icon placement, wallpaper, etc. Lourdes University does not actively monitor activity unless there is a legal or academic obligation to do so.

The iPad Pros will also be managed through a mobile device management (MDM) software. This software allows Lourdes to push university-owned apps to the devices, as well as track and secure devices in case they are lost or stolen. Once a student graduates from Lourdes, the device will be removed from the MDM and any university-owned apps are removed from the iPad Pro.

Can students use their existing iTunes account?
Yes. Students can use their existing iTunes account. Before arriving on campus for classes, please confirm the account and password and follow these steps on the Apple website to create an account. You must have an Apple account to receive an iPad Pro from Lourdes University.

Are the iPad Pro serial numbers recorded somewhere?
Yes. When students pick up their iPad Pro, the serial number will be recorded. The devices will also be marked with a Lourdes University asset tag. The asset tag can be removed from the device once the student graduates and takes full ownership of the device.

Are there rules students must follow when using iPad Pros?
Yes. iPad Pros are powerful tools for recording and exploring the world around us. Their ease of use and mobility make filming and recording activities fun and exciting to share. However, there can be other consequences if they are used to invade the privacy of others. All members of the Lourdes University community are obligated to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy For Technology. Students who use their iPad Pros inappropriately may face judicial action at the discretion of the University.

Where can students find a copy of the Lourdes University Acceptable Use Policy for Technology?
All Information Technology Services policies including the Lourdes University Acceptable Use Policy for Technology are available at https://www.lourdes.edu/campus-life/information-technology/its-policies/.