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Lily Liu, BSN, RN

“We are not born with a desire to give up easily. It’s important to remind ourselves accomplishments don’t happen overnight – they can take days, weeks, months or years,” says alumna Lily Liu (Chang), a registered nurse in the Medical-Surgical Unit of Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital. She and her husband Jin know firsthand the … Continued

Discovering Their Place

For many, life doesn’t go always as planned. Individuals may start their college studies with plans to be an architect, forensic scientist, entrepreneur or healthcare provider. However, life often takes us on a different path. Meet two alumnae who have traveled that road and found their place in life. Taylor Knapp Jill Fishman

Jill Fishman, ’11, ’97

For many years, Jill Fishman chose to be of service to others as a librarian, educator and leader in local Catholic schools and parishes. More recently, she discovered that serving as a chaplain was the calling for which God had been preparing her. Earlier this year, Jill accepted a leadership role at Mercy Health Defiance … Continued

Taylor Knapp, ’17

Each year in the US, more than one million tissue transplant surgeries are performed and approximately one in 20 people require some type of tissue transplant. Through tissue donation, individuals can receive a needed heart valve, bones, corneas, ligaments, skin and more. In death, a donor can improve or save the lives of 75 others. … Continued

Love & Learning

There are several benefits of earning a liberal arts education. Improving your critical thinking skills. Communicating more effectively. Preparing for your professional career and gaining invaluable interpersonal skills. Over the years, thousands of Lourdes students have reaped these benefits. In fact, a fair amount gained an unexpected bonus thanks to Eros, the Greek god of … Continued

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