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Kesha Renee Valentine, LSW

Kesha Renee Valentine didn’t choose to be a social worker. Instead, she maintains the profession chose her. With the thought of pursuing a career in medicine, she becameaware while in school that it didn’t fit her personality traits. Kesha decided to take a career aptitude test and social work rose to the top. “I will … Continued

Robin Sulier-Charney

“I believe a small group of people are capable of great change.” These quiet yet powerful words spoken by alumna Robin Charney in a 2012 Power of a Portrait TED Talks presentation captures the mission and spirit of an emerging philanthropist. In 2008, Robin was facing an unknown future. Recently divorced, the stay-at-home mom needed … Continued

Shay Bankston, LISW-S

As a youngster, Shay Bankston remembers catching the bus or walking to the downtown library at least five times a week with her grandfather Ivra Ashcraft. “He had a tough life, running away from home to escape an abusive situation while in the fifth grade. However, he was ahead of his time in terms of parenting … Continued

Amelia Gibbon

In December 2017, the Diocese of Toledo announced plans to demolish the former Saint Anthony Catholic Church building. The land would be given to the Padua Center, a non-profit organization previously established by the Diocese to empower individuals at all stages of life to achieve their maximum potential through education, counseling, support and community involvement. … Continued

Social Sciences in Action

As Dean of the College of Social Sciences at Lourdes, Dr. Joyce Litten advocates for and represents the Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology and Social Work departments internally and with the community at large. A former Social Work Program Director and now Dean of the College, she calls upon her two decades of experience working as … Continued

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