The Center for Science Education & the Environment, shared by the Lourdes University Environmental Science Program and the Department of Education, is used for inquiry-based science activities in order to enhance content knowledge, science process skills, and science pedagogy skills for Lourdes students, professional teachers, and P-12 students in the local community.

The Center provides an ecological atmosphere for a variety of programs that encourages the Naturalist Intelligence in students of all ages, as well as professional teachers, enabling them to touch the Franciscan spirit through academic and societal learning experiences. P-12 programs include community events for families, special classes, summer camp for grades 5-10, and Science-on-Wheels, an opportunity to bring innovative environmental science curriculum to P-12 schools.

Programs for professional teachers include workshops, the development of a summer institute, and an environmental science resource center. Lourdes University environmental science students and pre-service teachers as well as community members are pivotal in developing and delivering these programs.