Lectures are held the third Friday of the month. Join us for refreshments at 9:15 a.m. followed by presentations from outstanding speakers from 10–11 a.m. in the Franciscan Center of Lourdes University. Free for members and first-time visitors.

For questions –or to suggest a speaker– please call 419-824-3707 or email

The View from Here and There

Tom Estrella and Dale Lanigan

Friday, January 17

Debates across the political isle are not usually friendly or entertaining. Tom Estrella, retired Associate Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Dale Lanigan, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Justice Studies, are from opposite sides of the political spectrum yet remain good friends despite their ideological differences. Previous entertaining debates for Lifelong Learning have ranged from immigration policy to gun control to poverty. This year, they ask Lifelong Learning members to suggest topics. So bring an assignment for the professors!

Modern Life in China – A Brief Introduction

Zhanguo Zheng

Friday, February 21

What is it like to live in China today? Learn about real life in the most populous country in the world. Several aspects of Chinese modern life styles will be introduced, including transportation, online shopping and people’s leisure styles.

Zhanguo Zheng is a professor of Yanshan University in Hebei, China and Assistant Director of the University of Toledo Confucius Institute. He has taught English in China for 27 years and Chinese culture at the University of Toledo for two semesters.

In Defense of Democracy

Jen Miller

Friday, March 27

The League of Women Voters of Ohio has been educating voters and making democracy work since 1920. Learn how the League has been accomplishing this work throughout the last century. Executive Director Jen Miller will discuss how everyone can play a role in restoring fairness in our democratic systems, increase voter turnout, and improve access to the polls.

An Explanation of the Mission of the 180th Fighter Wing and the Ohio Air National Guard

Major Melanie L. Grosjean

Friday, April 17

Have you heard the sound of freedom in the air? That sound is from F-16 fighter jets, the aircraft housed at the 180th Fighter Wing in Swanton, Ohio. Learn about the wing and its mission, as well as facts about the Ohio Air National Guard and how they serve the community.

Major Melanie L. Grosjean is 180th Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander at the Toledo Air National Guard Base. Maj. Grosjean oversees operations in the areas of traffic management, fuels, ground transportation, air transportation, logistics plans, vehicle management, material management and compliance.

The Importance of Balance in Nature

Matt Markey

Friday, May 22

As we examine some of the more complex issues on the environmental and conservation fronts, one aspect is omnipresent – the loss of balance. In our daily lives, we hear often about the importance of balance in our diet, balance in our work-family time schedules, and balance on the financial front. Balance is equally essential in the natural world, and whether we are talking about issues with suburban deer populations, the impact of invasive species, or fishing and hunting regulations – balance is the key element.

Matt Markey is the outdoors editor at The Blade, covering a wide range of topics related to the environment, conservation, endangered species, and the benefits of time spent surrounded by nature. He is in his 26th year at The Blade, and his 46th year as a newspaper journalist. His work has won numerous awards from the Associated Press, Outdoor Writers of Ohio, Southeastern Outdoor Press Association, and other professional organizations. Matt is a native of Fostoria, a graduate of BGSU, and has visited and written about the outdoors across most of the 50 states, but his primary focus is the Great Lakes region.