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I Think I Love You: Teen Idols Through the Years
January 15
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For generations, teenagers have been blasting their favorite songs and plastering their rooms with posters of favorite music stars. The faces and the sounds have changed since the 1940s, but the high-pitched screams and enthusiastic fandom remain the same. Jackie Clary will take us through the history of teen idols from Frank Sinatra and Connie Francis to the Beatles and David Cassidy. The presentation will include video clips of some favorite stars.

Jackie Clary is an archival researcher who specializes in pop music and television. She’s worked at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, MTV and the television archive Reelin’ In The Years Productions. She has found archival material for TV shows and documentary films, including a recent special on John Lennon. She presented at the Museum of Popular Culture’s 2020 Pop Conference which was all about youth and pop music and still has a poster of Wham!, her all-time favorite teen idols, on her wall.


Seeing Things Our Way: Art as Propaganda
February 19

Visual art has been employed as propaganda since the days of the early Greeks, often in works that few people now would suspect were intended as such. Learn about the secret messages communicated by royal portraits, and the one thing all propaganda images have in common. Special emphasis is placed on the cataclysmic events of the 20th century, and its demand for art capable of mobilizing multitudes—to fight, to survive, to obey.

Artist, writer, lecturer, teacher, and creator Gene Wisniewski has taught at several institutions including New York University, 92nd St. Y, and Soho House New York. His first book, “The Art of Looking at Art,” was published in 2020.


Forgotten Women Visitors to Northwest Ohio
March 19

Explore the backstories to visits to Toledo by women suffragists Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1869, stage star Sarah Bernhard in 1881, and pioneering aviator Blanche Scott in 1910. With Women’s History Month underway in March, classrooms and museums across the United States will be focusing on famous women who shaped the world we live in. This lecture will explore visits to Northwest Ohio by these important women in history.

Tedd Long is the author of the book, “Forgotten Visitors; Northwest Ohio’s Notable Guests”. Join him as he explores the backstory to these forgotten visits to Northwest Ohio.


Undressed: the Sociohistory of Tattooing in the West
April 16

Tattoos are omnipresent in the visual vocabulary of Americans. Coupled with the increased use of social media, tattoos are increasingly common on younger bodies. This talk discusses the origin of contemporary Western tattoos, how tattoos have been socially understood in history, why the perceptions have changed and what tattoos have to do with the social sciences.

Sam Belkin is a Northeast Ohio native who has taught in the departments of Sociology, Anthropology and SAGES at Case Western Reserve University. Utilizing his anthropological and sociological training, his research focuses on the interdisciplinary connections between symbolic anthropology and figurational sociology illustrated through body modifications. Sam’s most recent research project investigates tattoos, identity and stigma in the American white collar workplace.


Older but Bolder
May 21

New ideas on the old topic of successful aging will be presented in an entertaining and thought-provoking program by Steve Wilson, Psychologist and Director of National Humor Month. “I’ve finally reached the Wonder Years,” he says. “I wonder where I parked the car; wonder where I left my phone; wonder where my glasses are; wonder what day it is?” People born in the 50’s or earlier have lived in seven decades, two centuries, and two millennia. We had the best music, fastest cars, drive-in theatres, soda fountains, and happy days. And, we are not even that old yet. We’re just that cool! In this popular program you will learn how to face aging with humor, grace, and joy, so that you lighten up but not tighten up.

World Laughter Tour, Inc., is the brainchild of psychologist and self-proclaimed “Joyologist” Steve Wilson, who describes his role as “Cheerman of The Bored.” The creation of World Laughter Tour was an idea that came to him during a 1998 lecture tour to India, after participating in a laughter club in Mumbai. In India, laughter clubs are referred to as “Hasya Yoga”.

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