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Birthplace of Inventions

Wednesday, June 20

Price: $99 for members, $114 for nonmembers.

Thomas Alva Edison was one of America’s most famous inventors. The incandescentlight bulb and phonograph started with him, and his story started in Milan, Ohio. Visit the Edison Birthplace Museum, a registered National Historic Landmark and a meticulously maintained home filled with a collection of rare examples of many of Edison’s early inventions, documents, and family mementos. Edison so cherished his childhood home that he purchased it in 1906, and after Edison’s death his wife and daughter opened Edison’s birthplace to the public as a memorial and museum in tribute to the humble beginnings of a great man.

Across the street is the Milan Museum with galleries focused on local history rich in invention and creativity, as well as collections of glass and dolls. Explore the unique history of the Milan area from the earliest beginnings, through the creation, expansion, and decline of the Milan Canal. New glass galleries explore European and American glass from the earliest piece in the collection of Roman glass through the works of contemporary, local artists. The outstanding Mildred Smith Coulton Doll Gallery features over 350 charming examples of china, bisque, wax, papier-mâché and composition dolls.

Enjoy a lunch break at Berardi Family Restaurant with a satisfying hot buffet. After lunch, dive into the Maritime Museum of Sandusky, where we’ll have a boatload of fun discovering the rich maritime history of the Sandusky Bay area. Through an extensive collection of maritime artifacts on display, explore the early days of boating, commercial fishing, and shipping on Lake Erie! Interactive exhibits illustrate boat-building, wetlands, and Sandusky’s role in the Underground Railroad. In outdoor exhibits, you can board real Lyman’s, see our professional boat workshop and see other vessels on display. When you’re finished browsing the museum, visit the nautical gift shop!

Relive your childhood excitement at the Sandusky Merry Go Round Museum! Enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere while touring the Merry-Go-Round Museum and learning about the history and art of the carousel.  The “oom pa pa” of the band organ, and the “painted ponies” on display will thrill and enchant you. Climb aboard the working Allan Herschell Carousel with the band organ playing.  Meet artisan carvers creating and restoring carousel animals, as well as other types of folk art, back to their full beauty.

Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 8:00 am and returns around 6:30 pm.

Willow Run

Thursday, July 26

Price: $117 for members, $132 for nonmembers.

The Willow Run Bomber Plant is a story of triumph and tragedy, nearly impossible wartime achievements, and how the men and women of the 20th century Detroit went to work and built the machines that won the War and saved the world. With a cast of thousands, from Rosie the Riveter to Edsel Ford, this is local and world history not to be missed!

The history of Willow Run is preserved at the Yankee Air Museum. Tour the museum to learn about the contributions of many “Rosies” to the war effort and how both women and men held win World War II for the United States in various ways. The Willow Run plant was built by the Ford Motor Company near Ypsilanti and was the first aircraft manufacturing complex to use Ford’s automotive mass production technique. The world’s largest factory at the time – mostly women workers – turned out B-24 Bombers at the rate of one every 55 minutes! Our guided tour will trace the history of aviation from WWI to today, including exhibits about the Tuskegee Airmen and the WASPs (Women Air Service Pilots).

Lunch at the Common Grill is always a treat. A modern American bistro showcasing creative food and small-town charm, the Common Grill has been presenting fresh, imaginative American dishes for over 25 years.

After lunch, enjoy the world premiere of the play Willow Run at the Purple Rose Theater. The play follows the journey of four women who migrated from all over America to find new lives at the Willow Run plant. Along the way they overcome a multitude of challenges, learn to endure new sorrows, overcome deep-seated prejudices and forge new friendships. The play won the 2017 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award and includes original music by Ben and Jeff Daniels.

Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 9:00 am and returns at 6:00 pm.

Fall Kickoff

Friday, August 17
Presentation at 11 am, lunch at noon, music to follow
Franciscan Center

Price: $12 per person for lunch, RSVP by Aug. 13

Arrrrghhhhh: A History of Piracy on the Great Lakes

Christopher Gillcrist, Executive Director of the National Museum of the Great Lakes, will lead you on a historical and cultural re-examination of piracy and it implications for understanding Great Lakes history. No parrots or peg legs, but a healthy dose of thievery, mutiny, and other unsavory tales that illustrate why Hollywood should reinvent Jack Sparrow and place him on Lake Michigan in 1880! Christopher Gillcrist is Executive Director of the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo. He has a BA and MA in History from John Carroll University and is ABD in Social Policy at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to his current duties he served as Executive Director of the Lake County Historical Society.

Lunch: lasagna with garlic bread, salad, and dessert! Vegetarian option available.

The Cake Walkin’ Jass Band will perform the authentic New Orleans jazz Toledoans have been enjoying for 50 years!


Thursday, September 13

Price is $93 for members, $113 for nonmembers.

Note: As of July 12, Lakeside has 2 seats remaining for purchase.

‘Chautauqua’ began as a revolutionary cultural movement in the late 1800s, providing public lectures, religious programs and concerts during the summer months. Chautauqua was a social and cultural phenomenon that permeated rural North America until the mid-1920s. At its height, the Chautauqua Movement attracted millions to hear educators, preachers, explorers, scientists, politicians, singers and bands. Today only a handful of Chautauqua communities survive.

Lakeside was among the first communities founded as part of the Chautauqua Movement in North America, welcoming families to the Lake Erie shore for more than 140 years. A guide from the Lakeside Heritage Society will take us on a bus tour around the center of the beautiful Lakeside campus which includes 47 historic structures used for the summer Chautauqua program and glimpse Lakeside’s “painted ladies,”  some of the oldest family cottages on the grounds among the 900 Victorian cottages in the town. Learn about the origins of this American cultural movement, highlighting what has made Lakeside such a longstanding success. At Heritage Hall Museum learn more about the Lakeside Chautauqua experience and the long list of speakers and performers to have come over the years, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Ray Charles, and many more.

Lunch will be at the Hotel Lakeside, a National Historic Landmark. Built in 1875, the hotel has an unbeatable view of Lake Erie and “Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile,” a stretch of the southern Lake Erie shoreline prized for its flowers.

In the afternoon we will visit Marblehead Lighthouse, the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes, and Johnson’s Island, a camp for prisoners of war during the American Civil War. Dr. Dave Bush, retired anthropology professor from Heidelberg University and archaeological director on the island for 30 years, will lead an informative tour of the cemetery and prison site. At the cemetery, you will hear from the diaries and letters of those buried in this northern prison. At the site area, Dr. Bush will share some of the exciting discoveries made over the many years of exploring the cultural material as well as the vast historical record of the 150,000 men incarcerated there.

Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 8 am and returns approximately 6:30 pm.

Dinner with the Presidents

Saturday, November 3

Price is $99.00 for members, $119 for nonmembers.

Meet past Presidents of the United States of America and First Ladies! Historical re-enactors in period dress will portray the famous couples for the evening. From the moment they arrive in period transportation, their characters will captivate you! Dinner will feature recipes from different White House administrations and at least one president or First Lady will be at your table. Bring a camera to capture all the details! Some of the presidents in attendance will be Presidents Benjamin Harrison, George Washington, James Monroe, James Madison, Andrew Johnson, Harry Truman, Chester Arthur, and Lyndon Johnson. Suggested attire for men is a sport coat and tie and for women a dress or dressy pantsuit.  Or dress up in period clothing for extra fun!

The dinner is hosted by the Marion County Historical Society and before dinner we will enjoy a tour of their museum. Housed in Marion’s historic post office, Heritage Hall has exhibits of Marion’s rich history including a collection on the life and career of Warren G. Harding, 29th president of the United States.

Bus departs from Lourdes University parking lot M at 1:30 pm and returns approximately 10:45 pm.