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February 12
What Americans agree on when it comes to health
We may not be as deeply divided as we think — at least when it comes to health, says Rebecca Onie. In a talk that cuts through the noise, Onie shares research that shows how, even across economic, political and racial divides, Americans agree on what they need to live good lives — and asks both health care providers and patients to focus on what makes us healthy, not what makes us angry.

Rebecca Onie is a nationally recognized leader in the intersection of social determinants, population health and health care delivery. A MacArthur “Genius” awardee and a member of the National Academy of Medicine, Onie received her JD from Harvard Law School.


March 12
A solution to gun violence found in US history

Guns weren’t always the contentious issue they are today in the US. Forty years ago, guns were primarily used for sport and recreation, and mass shootings were a rarity. Much has changed since then, and while there’s a lot of debate around how to put an end to gun violence, there has yet to be a solution that everyone can agree on. Gun safety advocate David Farrell thinks he has the answer, and takes us through America’s history to get there.

David Farrell saw his share of weapons during his service as a nuclear, biological and chemical warfare specialist during the first Gulf War. During that time, he was selected to help dispose of the WWII stockpile of chemical weapons. Farrell’s fascination with the history of gun legislation has led him to rethink the entire conversation about gun control.


April 9
The surprising solution to ocean plastic

Can we solve the problem of ocean plastic pollution and end extreme poverty at the same time? That’s the ambitious goal of The Plastic Bank: a worldwide chain of stores where everything from school tuition to cooking fuel and more is available for purchase in exchange for plastic garbage — which is then sorted, shredded and sold to brands who reuse “social plastic” in their products. Join David Katz to learn more about this step towards closing the loop in the circular economy. “Preventing ocean plastic could be humanity’s richest opportunity,” Katz says.

David Katz is founder and CEO of The Plastic Bank, the world’s only organization to monetize plastic waste and provide an opportunity for the world’s disadvantaged to collect and trade plastic waste as a currency.


May 14
What we can do about the culture of hate

We’re all against hate, right? We agree it’s a problem — their problem, not our problem, that is. But as Sally Kohn discovered, we all hate — some of us in subtle ways, others in obvious ones. As she confronts a hard story from her own life, she shares ideas on how we can recognize, challenge and heal from hatred in our institutions and in ourselves.

Sally Kohn is a columnist and a political commentator for CNN and former contributor to Fox News. She deeply believes in finding our common humanity, political differences aside. Before we can achieve political correctness, we must first establish emotional correctness — and this will ignite conversations that lead to real change.