Overview: Lourdes University, rooted in Catholic and Franciscan traditions, provides a values-centered education that enriches lives and advances academic excellence through the integration of the liberal arts and professional studies. In support of this mission, Lourdes University nurtures a diverse community that supports students in fulfilling their potential, commits to the engagement of faith and reason, inspired by our Catholic and Franciscan intellectual traditions, and provides a holistic, student-centered education rooted in the liberal arts.

The University invites applicants for the position of Program Director of Direct Entry Masters of Nursing.  The Program Director of Direct Entry Masters of Nursing (DEMSN) is a 12-month, full-time member of the Lourdes University College of Nursing (CON) faculty with all the rights and responsibilities of a faculty appointment.

The Program Director is responsible for providing leadership in the areas of curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation of the DEMSN nursing program. The Program Director teaches 3 credits in each fall and spring semester.


Commitment to the University Mission and Franciscan values

  • Promotes and integrates the Franciscan values of reverence, service, and learning.
  • Builds a community of learning that unites faculty, staff and students in a quest for knowledge, personal growth, and academic excellence.
  • Promotes excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship among the faculty in an environment of collegiality and professionalism.

Academic Program Leadership

  • Acts as a liaison between DEMSN, the traditional BSN, and the graduate nursing programs.
  • Provides leadership in DEMSN nursing program development related to curriculum and instruction providing continual evaluation of the curriculum related to current evidence-based practice and research.
  • In collaboration with the Dean, creates and revises the DEMSN nursing studies strategic plan in alignment with the CON and university’s planning and goals.
  • Serves on the Graduate Executive Council (GEC)
  • Serves on and provides oversight for the DEMSN nursing curriculum committee to ensure synchrony with the traditional BSN program of study.
  • In association with the Dean of the College of Nursing, is responsible for Program Administration as defined by the Ohio Board of Nursing Rules for Nursing Education.
  • In association with the Dean of the College of Nursing, provides leadership for DEMSN nursing program development, implementation, and evaluation. This includes providing leadership in collaboration with the Director of Clinical Education and Director of the Nursing Learning Lab.
    • Preparation of course, lab and clinical schedules and faculty workload reports.
    • Selection and development of clinical sites.
    • Analyzing course reports and course evaluations.
    • Provides leadership for DEMSN nursing program assessment.
  • Provides leadership for development and evaluation of faculty teaching in DEMSN nursing programs.
    • Orientation of new faculty.
    • Observation and evaluation of faculty instruction.
    • Annual evaluation of faculty effectiveness.
    • Serves as mediator between faculty and students.
    • Mentor for curriculum and policy issues.
  • Assures compliance with rules and regulations to retain approval from the Ohio Board of Nursing and accreditation bodies.
  • Prepares class schedule and the assignment of teaching responsibilities in the DEMSN nursing program.
  • Assures acquisition of library and textbook educational resources for the DEMSN nursing program.
  • Provides oversight in the use and evaluation of standardized tests and other tutorial programs.
  • Analyzes students’ evaluations of nursing theory courses within the DEMSN program.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Responsible for development and evaluation of the DEMSN nursing faculty.
  • Assists the Dean of the College of Nursing in the CON budget related to DEMSN nursing programs.
  • Assists the Dean of the College of Nursing in the preparation of reports for external agencies as they relate to the DEMSN nursing programs.
  • Manages the Ohio Board of Nursing program completion letters and preparation of their reports.
  • Assures that information in the College of Nursing DEMSN student handbook and DEMSN information on the College of Nursing website and portal are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Coordinates with Admissions regarding the DEMSN program and various routes of admission into the nursing program.

Fulfillment of the Role of Faculty

  • Engages in teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Teaches 3-6 semester-hour credits per semester in the DEMSN program.
  • Engages in ongoing professional development.

Other Responsibilities

  • Carries out assignments and other responsibilities assigned by the Dean or Provost.
  • Where appropriate, coordinates specific programs with outside agencies or groups and develops working agreements.
  • Where appropriate, coordinates specific program accreditation activities.


  • Master of Science in Nursing Required.
  • Doctorate in nursing or related field preferred.
  • Current and active RN license to practice in Ohio.
  • Experience of at least five years in the practice of nursing as an RN, two of which have been as a faculty member in a baccalaureate nursing program.
  • Current knowledge and experience in curriculum development and implementation.
  • Current knowledge of accreditation standards and procedures.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills.

The position is an appointment of the Provost upon the recommendation of the Dean of the College of Nursing who confers with the department. Continuation of appointment as Program Director is at the prerogative of the Provost and may be ended at any time.

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