Please join our 1958 Celebration honoring the Sisters of St. Francis: the founders and sponsors of Lourdes University.


Honor the Sisters of St. Francis with a Commemorative Gift Now

What is the 1958 Celebration?

From now through January 13, the 1958 Celebration recognizes the founders of Lourdes University, the Sisters of St. Francis. For more than 60 years, the Sisters have been integral in establishing Lourdes as a premier higher-education institution, and their vision continues to propel us forward.

Why celebrate now? 

The past year has been challenging for everyone. Since March, we’ve divided our campus to help keep the Sisters safe from the dangers of the coronavirus. We feel their absence on our campus and in our lives. They miss all of us, too. We celebrate them now to bring joy to an incredibly difficult time.



Listen as some of your favorite Sisters share personal stories and connections to Lourdes.


Why is January 13 meaningful? 

January 13 marks the date the Sisters signed the official charter for Lourdes.

How can you make a difference?

Using this celebration bell, send words of encouragement and love to a Sister — or a Lourdes faculty and staff member — that has touched your life in a meaningful way. We will display the bells on campus and online for all to read. Although we are apart, your words can mean the world in another person’s day.

You may also honor the Sisters with a commemorative 1958 Celebration gift. Your donation is a terrific way to further the mission of Lourdes while building on the foundation the Sisters created more than six decades ago. Your gift will keep Lourdes’ operating with excellence as the University continually pushes the forefront of innovation.