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Women’s Wrestling Debuts

Sports Information Director Ryan Wronkowicz shares an update on the University’s newest sport Women’s Wrestling. Starting a new sport from scratch is hard enough but doing so during a pandemic is even more difficult. That was the challenge for the University head women’s wrestling coach Kate Hill as the Gray Wolves took to the mat … Continued

Strengthening Community Ties

During the height of the pandemic, several Lourdes students were unable to return or travel to their hometowns. Many of them were international students. MBA student and Brazilian Ricardo Gehrke (pictured center) shares how international students individually, collectively and with Lourdes faculty and staff, strengthened their community bond while living on campus. “In the midst … Continued

Young Alumni Leaders

The Lourdes Institutional Advancement team are pleased to share a newly established group, the Young Alumni Leaders. Aaron Iffland, ’18, one of the founding members, shares the group’s goal and next steps. In 2018, the Lourdes Society was founded as a major giving program that provides key resources to students. The Young Alumni Leaders want … Continued

Competency-Based Education in Higher Education

This past winter, Lourdes welcomed its first students enrolled in nursing programs offered through a competency-based education (CBE) platform. Dr. Angela Dunn, Coordinator of Competency-Based Education, offers more insight on this not new but emerging delivery method. Competency-Based Courses allow students the flexibility to complete learning activities on their own time. As a result, this … Continued

Dome from Home Planetarium Programs

Planets, asteroids, rockets, stars, and galaxies – these are the usual destinations of visitors to the Appold Planetarium. Instead of launching visitors into space as usual, the planetarium has gone virtual! Audiences can still experience the excitement of space exploration through the Dome from Home Club. The Dome from Home Club is completely free and … Continued

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