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Philosophy of Lourdes University College of Nursing

The Faculty believes health is the dynamic state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that is defined in the context of personal values and culture.

The Faculty believes nursing is a scientific and caring profession which utilizes the most current evidence in diagnosis and treatment to optimize health, reduce risk, and promote wellness.

The Faculty believes learning results in an increase in self-understanding and discovery of knowledge, values, and skills. Learning occurs in a supportive environment through a collaborative partnership that requires active involvement on the part of a student/ learner and educator/facilitator.

The Faculty believes baccalaureate nursing education builds on a liberal arts education to prepare generalists to practice values-based nursing within the community, fulfill leadership roles and provide evidenced based nursing care. Masters nursing education builds upon the baccalaureate curriculum to prepare graduates for advanced nursing roles by promoting the development of advanced knowledge, concepts and skills.

College of Nursing Academic Resources

The Lourdes University College of Nursing offers students several academic resources. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Lourdes University Academic Resources

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Applications to the major are due on the first day of each semester and late admission forms are due the first day of May and December.

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