At Lourdes, Academic Advising involves more than scheduling courses. The advisor / student relationship is an essential component of your academic experience. Understanding what you can expect from your Advisor, and what you are responsible for in the advising process, allows you to receive the most effective advising that will meet your individual needs.

The Advisor’s role is to:

  • Provide guidance in developing educational and career goals
  • Facilitate students on an efficient path toward graduation
  • Teach students how to map out their plan of study using their degree check sheet
  • Provide assistance in selecting appropriate courses
  • Make available information about academic policies and requirements
  • Provide information / referrals to various academic and student support services on campus
  • Assist students with academic major changes
  • Assist students with adding or dropping courses
  • Be accessible to student via office hours, phone, and email

The Student’s role is to:

  • Know who your advisor is and where his or her office is located
  • Make contact with your advisor once during each semester
  • Schedule and attend appointments with your advisor
  • Come to advising appointments prepared – bring advising folder containing your degree check sheet & completed pre-registration form
  • Assume responsibility for knowing academic policies, procedures, and requirements found in the catalog
  • Inform your advisor & appropriate offices of address / name / phone number changes
  • Add or drop classes by appropriate deadline
  • Notify advisor of intended change of major
  • Complete prerequisites with proper grade
  • Use campus resources and student support services to aid in academic success

Adapted from Florida State University’s policy on Academic Advising