A variety of academic and learning skills assessment tests can be taken through the Advising Center. The results are used to help develop your personalized educational plan. If you have not taken the ACT or SAT in the last 5 years, or have submitted ACT scores of 17 or lower in English or Reading and/or 18 or lower in Math, transfer students may elect to take Accuplacer to better their placement, or be placed into MTH 097 (Developmental Math), ENG 097 (Reading) & ENG 098 (Writing). Students are able to enter college-level English and Math courses by providing appropriately high ACT or SAT scores or transfer credit for college-level English and Math courses. If necessary, transfer students take Accuplacer examinations for appropriate placement into college-level English and Math courses.

Accuplacer at Lourdes

The purpose of the Accuplacer test is to assess the student’s basic algebra, grammar and reading skills. The multiple-choice instrument is computerized, but no previous experience with computers is necessary. The student manipulates the computer mouse to select the answer to questions. The assessment is not timed, but generally students need two hours to complete both the English and math portions. The results are given in the form of appropriate placement into classes taught here at Lourdes. Advisors use Accuplacer to help students select classes appropriate to their skill level. For this reason we ask that students schedule the Accuplacer assessment before they meet with their advisors to register for classes. With the results, we can make better suggestions as to classes in which the student can have a reasonable expectation of success.

If you need to schedule an Accuplacer placement test, please call the Academic Success Center at 419-824-3748 and ask to speak with the testing coordinator.

To the Student:

Some Suggestions for Taking Accuplacer

  • Most importantly…Please relax. We use Accuplacer to help you succeed with your selection of college courses. The results can help you identify your strengths and give you knowledge about where you might need some assistance in improving your undeveloped skills. If you are a transfer student, your Accuplacer results will not affect credit for course work that you have already transferred to Lourdes.
  • Since no calculators are allowed, scratch paper will be provided for you during the assessment so that you can perform any necessary computation.
  • An attendant will be on duty during the assessment. If you should encounter any difficulty, please talk with that person immediately.
  • Visit these sites to brush up on your math skills before taking the placement test:


Chemistry Placement Test

For pre-nursing majors and science students