What do I do after I’ve been accepted to Lourdes?

  1. Students that are coming to Lourdes University with less than 19 college credits and are direct from high school students are required to attend a New Student Registration Day. Please call the Admissions Office for more information on upcoming Registration Days. Transfer students with 19 credits or more meet directly with an academic advisor to register for classes and discuss their educational goals. If you are a transfer student, please call 419-824-3882 to schedule an appointment
  2. Get your Student ID and Parking Permit. Visit the Welcome Center in REH to have your picture taken for your student ID. You will need to know your license plate number to get a parking permit. There is no charge for a parking permit or student ID
  3. Buy your books at the Lourdes online bookstore.
  4. Attend New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation takes place in person for students coming directly from high school or those transfer students that have less than 19 college credits earned. New Student Orientation for transfer students takes place through Sakai, and is completed at the pace of the new transfer student

Who is my Academic Advisor?

You have been assigned an advisor based on your academic major. To find out the name, phone number, and office location of your advisor, call the Advising Center at 419-824-3882 (or toll-free at 1-800-878-3210).

How do I register for classes?


  1. Call your advisor to make an appointment.
  2. Review your degree requirements on your degree audit.
  3. Choose your courses online by reviewing the schedule of classes.
  4. During your appointment, ask for your online PIN so you can go online and register for classes.
  5. Go online to the Lourdes Portal, log in, and then click on the “Web for Students” button.
  6. Click on the Student tab, then click on the Registration hyperlink.
  7. Click “Registration” then Click “Add/Drop Classes”.
  8. Select a term.
  9. Enter Alternate Pin Number. (New each semester)
  10. Click “Submit”
  11. Click “Class Search”
  12. Enter Course Number (CRN) or Course/Section
  13. If you encounter a “PRE-REQ OR TEST SCORE ERROR,” call your advisor for a permit to register for the class.
  14. Print your schedule and check it online regularly for any classroom changes.